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Twitch Streamer Banned After Crossbow Stunt Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Hits Cameraman

Famous Twitch stream Reice “OfficialDuckStudios” has been banned from the streaming platform after he accidentally shot his cameraman in the stomach with an arrow. Reice was performing a crossbow stunt during a livestream. The clip has since been removed from Twitch.

Reice Shot The Arrow In The Cameraman’s Stomach

Twitch streamer Reice Mitchell, known as OfficialDuckStudios on Twitch, has been banned from the streaming platform after accidentally shooting his cameraman in the stomach with a crossbow during a live stream. It came out that the content creator had been doing target practice on the stream and tried penetrating the arrow through the door.

The since-deleted clip showed Reice heading behind one side of his door while his cameraman, Joey waited on the other side. But the stunt went “horribly wrong” after Joey was heard crying out in pain from the other side.

Not only this, but Joey also revealed his injury on stream, but the footage has been blurred. The cameraman was bleeding heavily from his stomach, and believe us, it didn’t look good at all. Following the stream, Reice tweeted: “Good stream boys. Playing it safe the rest of the night.”

He was banned from Twitch after this and his channel currently displays the message: “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Twitch Has A Strict Policy Against Violence

In the past few months, Twitch streamers have gotten into trouble for all sorts of stunts, gone wrong. Reice Mitchell, who recently got banned, is known for producing content, ranging from gameplay to parodies of other content creators. He usually makes this video with his two housemates.

He started his channel, OfficialDuckStudios in 2012, uploading nearly 400 videos and garnering over 1.14 million subscribers to date. But again, Twitch has an extremely strict policy against “violence” and “use of weapons”. According to the official community guidelines:

“Acts and threats of violence are counterproductive to promoting a safe, inclusive, and friendly community. Violence on Twitch is taken seriously and is considered a zero-tolerance violation, and all accounts associated with such activities on Twitch will be indefinitely suspended.

For example, you may not show or promote: attempts or threats to physically harm or kill others, attempts or threats to hack, dox, DDOS, or SWAT others, use of weapons to physically threaten, intimidate, harm, or kill others, encouraging others to participate in acts that may harm others.”

Netizens Share Similar Instances Of Injury

Even though Reice did not intend to harm the cameraman, the use of weapons certainly violated Twitch’s policy. It is yet to be seen if his account will see the light of day or not. The incident has sparked several critical comments across social media.

Many users started reflecting on the dangers of using a crossbow. One user revealed that crossbows can be even more fatal than guns in certain situations. He wrote: “Was just talking with friends this past week about being shot with a crossbow bolt or an arrow is worse than being shot with a bullet due to penetration.”

He continued, “Internal damage that could be permanent, removal process and healing. A stunt where the cameraman is lucky to be alive. This should be taken with the utmost seriousness.” Many Reddit users shared some of the most tragic incidents as a result of this stunt. “Some other guy did this with a phone book and a desert eagle a while back. He made his poor girlfriend pull the trigger and died on the spot,” one person revealed.

Well, in Reice’s case, he was going to be banned, whether he asked or not. The cameraman, being his pal, didn’t file any criminal complaint. At the end of his stream, Reice proclaimed that he should do “No more streaming with alcohol.”

Joey, on the other hand, was given a drink after the injury. The chat box continued spamming things like “HOSPITAL” and “YOU SHOT JOEY” after witnessing the gravity of the injury. One viewer said, “Attention idiots: go to the hospital. Internal bleeding is possible. Stop being drunk morons and get actual care going.”

Reice urged Twitch to ban him following this incident. The streamer has since apologized for his behavior during the stream. But again, this incident is a reminder of how carelessness can lead to a horrific instance, not to mention, when one is under the influence of alcohol. Despite warnings from fans in the chatbox, Joel and Reice still tried the stunt.

Previously, many famous Twitch streamers’ stunts went terribly wrong as they ended up injuring themselves. A popular VRchat streamer, Roflgator, known for his Just Chatting streams, hurt himself while trying to wash a porcelain bowl after it accidentally broke on his hand.

A Norwegian streamer, Sjokoladen, lost control on an icy slope, breaking two bones and displacing his knee. In 2016, Sara Kate, a Twitch stream was playing Black Ops 2 while caressing her pet cat on live stream. As she tried kissing her cat, she mauled her eye. The streamer, experiencing immense pain, ended her stream.

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