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Stephen Colbert Roasts Australian PM Scott Morrison on Election Day, Results are out, Morrison has Lost

The US too knows about the disappearing dreams of Scott Morrison! An American late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert had his audience in stitches as he made fun of Scott Morrison, just hours before the polls closed in Australia. Read on to know about the gruesome roast of the Australian Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison was Mocked on the Election Day…

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” host Stephen Colbert levelled up his game as he roasted the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as the Aussies took to the polls to vote in a federal election.

In an opening segment of the popular American show, Colbert shared the news ina. comedic way as he aimed at the 54-year-old politician. In “News out of Australia”, Colbert revealed that the stakes were high for the “conservative Prime Minister”. He said,

“Ever since Morrison was elected, the Australian PM has been dogged by scandal, everything from allegations of racism to his friendship with a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist.” Not just this, he even displayed the Australian media reports to the viewers.

The Poop Rumour

Stephen added, “That’s not good – of course down there politicians’ reputations go down the drain counterclockwise.” Colbert didn’t stop there, bringing up possibly Mr Morrison’s most hated rumour.

Yea, Stephen was unstoppable as he added,  “Morrison’s press got so bad that last year the Prime Minister went on the radio to deny he’d ever pooped his pants at McDonald’s.” The longstanding rumour is that Mr Morrison soiled himself at Engadine McDonald’s after his beloved Cronulla Sharks lost the grand final in 1997.

However, the Australian Prime Minister cleared the air last July on the radio declaring that it was the “biggest urban myth ever”. Well, the said rumour was even brought up this week on the radio interview ahead of the election where Morrison emphasised that it never happened.

The supposed incident was even brought up in a radio interview on Wednesday this week ahead of the election, where Mr Morrison again denied it ever happened. Colbert continued by saying, “No surprise Scott’s re-election campaign hasn’t been going the best.”

Morrison Tacked a Child

Stephen Colbert left no window for the Prime Minister to breathe as he added, “Morrison launched a reboot this week to get some good press, which brings as to the latest Morrison news: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison tackled a child to the ground during an election photo-op. “Yeah … to which his campaign responded, ‘can we go back to the McDonald’s pooping thing?”

If you don’t understand this one, let me enlighten you. The Australian PM was playing a training game with kids at the home of the Devonport Strikers in Tasmania on Wednesday when he made a run towards the goal that went wrong.

Well, that was it. Morrison collided with Luca Fauvette, who plays under-eights, and knocked him to the ground. Fortunately, he was fine and appeared on breakfast television the next day. But seriously? A child!

In a funny interview that ended with him rapping, Luca revealed Mr Morrison had also called him later in the day to check on him. People went bonkers over the video that went viral ahead of the election campaign.

The Australian Election Result

Colbert’s roast show on Mr Morrison came hours before polling stations closed for Australia’s federal election, with Morrison’s Liberal government hoping for re-election. The Morrison government was defeated in the 2022 Australian federal election.

Yea, Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison has on Saturday conceded election defeat and made a way for his successor Anthony Albanese, leader of the Australian Labor Party. Morrison subsequently announced that he would resign as the leader of the Liberal Party. What do you think about this man, eh?

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