We Love These South Asian-American Celebrities Speaking Out Against Donald Trump

August 8, 2020 Saloni Gajjar     saloni_g

Let’s face it: every morning we wake up, we expect a slew of unbelievable, laughable, incredibly notorious moves from the leader of the free world. We think there are no more surprises left, yet Donald J. Trump manages to change that every day, either through his own actions or through those of his aides [looking at you, Press Sec. Sean Spicer and of course, our very own KellyAnne Conway]. Luckily for us, our fellow representatives from the glam industry aka the actors are very vocal about this problem.

Yes, it may seem to several of you that actors should stay in their own lane. Who are they to comment on the current political scenario? Why should we take anything they say seriously, their job is to entertain us and not yap on about whether women’s rights and immigration are being threatened right now. This is not true.


Announcing #VoteAgainstHate, a last-mile plea from a younger generation to their elders to vote against hate by not voting for Donald Trump. We're all in this together.

Posted by Vote Against Hate on Thursday, October 27, 2020

Just like you and me, actors are very much a part of this democracy. Their affluence is what puts them on a pedestal, in most cases, at least because you’re bound to think the laws don’t affect them. In the very wonderful words of Donald Trump: WRONG! Secondly, actors influence their audiences. Isn’t better if they use their platform to support the cause instead of derailing it? Most importantly, isn’t a reality TV star currently the POTUS?

Here are some who you should definitely be following:

1. Riz Ahmed, “The Night Of”

A message from me + my lawyer about Syrian refugees

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Ahmed stole our hearts with his 2016 HBO mini-series “The Night Of,” and recent appearances in “Star Wars: Rogue One,” “The OA,” and “Girls.” Beyond acting and being an integral part of The Swet Shop Boys, he’s made quite a splash by openly speaking out against some of the ideas POTUS has to make America “great again.”

In the essay he penned for The Guardian, called Typecast as a terrorist, Ahmed goes into great detail about life as a Muslim and all the tribulations and discrimination he’s faced because of it.

2. Kal Penn, “Designated Survivor”

Best-known for his role in the “Harold & Kumar” movies, Penn can currently be seen on ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” where he plays Press Secretary Seth Wright.  Having actually worked in Obama’s White House as Associate Director of Public Engagement, he brings a personal spin to this.

3. Kumail Nanjiani, “Silicon Valley”

Pakistani-American actor Nanjiani plays a sarcastic tech genius on the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley,” carrying over his witty personality off-screen as evident in his very vocal opinions on POTUS.

However, it’s not just the comedic outlook we need to appreciate. Through his bold approach, he’s tackling important issues and is leading the charge to #resist.

4. Mindy Kaling, “The Mindy Project”

All hail the queen of humor! The creator and star of Hulu’s “The Mindy Project,” and former actor of “The Office,” we already know Kaling is good with words as seen in both her books. On social media, too, she brings out the best side without being blatant.

She often speaks out about being an Indian-American and how that impacts her life. She’s always on-point.

5. Aparna Nancherla, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” 

Nancherla is a fantastic comedian. Besides her own stand-up shows and podcast, she’s written for Meyer’s show and appeared on “Inside Amy Schumer.” Her best appearance, without a doubt, is her openness on social media about all things Trump.

She isn’t shy and that’s obvious. Her poignant remarks are served with a side of humor, making it easy to take all the horrid news in.

6. Aziz Ansari, “Master of None”

Ansari’s Netflix comedy “Master of None” is a true reflection of life as Asian-Americans. In season 1, he focused on issues faced by first and second generation immigrants. After the election, he’s got a brand new subject material we hope he sheds his light on in season 2. Because we know for sure he’s been vocal about his life as a Muslim, especially in this essay he penned for The New York Times.

Because we know for sure he’s been vocal about his life as a Muslim, especially in this essay he penned for The New York Times.

He’s great with words, here’s more proof:

7. Arjun Gupta, “The Magicians”

The latest sensation in the sci-fi world, Gupta stars on “The Magicians” and has appeared on shows like “How To Get Away with Murder.” He can also be seen above in the #VoteAgainstHate video. He’s direct in his approach when it comes to stating facts.

More importantly, he imbues his personal life and the impact of arts (basically, his livelihood) and is striving to create a change.

8. Utkarsh Ambudkar, “Pitch Perfect”

Actor and rapper Ambudkar, known for “Pitch Perfect” and his role as Mindy Lahiri’s brother on “The Mindy Project, is a star in the making.

He fully supports trans-rights, giving us all another reason to be inspired.

you are loved. you are supported. you are beautiful.

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9. Sunkrish Bala, “Castle”

After his stints in famous shows like “Castle” and “The Walking Dead,” Bala is becoming a known face amidst the rising South-Asian American stars. Like his peers, he’s also vocal about being an immigrant and how things are changing under the current POTUS regime.

Who doesn’t love roasting him with facts and honesty?

10. Manish Dayal, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”

We’re in this together pals. Part two of 45’s travel ban is basically the same as part one— unconstitutional. Neutrality on the issues facing our country is a dangerous thing. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, Harnish Patel Alok Madasani, Deep Rai….. Deadly shootings against people of South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu descent are on the rise though they are not strangers to racially motivated crime since 9/11. The violence our country faces is not isolated. 45’s blatant disregard for human rights is dangerous. His silence is dangerous. Our silence is dangerous. Neutrality is dangerous. Whether or not you are a POC, we gotta resist and understand how 45 perpetuates division/violence. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a 32 year old engineer, was murdered by a man shouting “get out of my country”. Harnish Patel was a 43 year old business owner shot near his home in SC. Deep Rai, a 39-year-old Sikh man in Kent, Washington, was shot outside his home after being told to “go back to your homeland”. Why are these events ignored? Why aren’t we talking about them? 45 continues to discriminate based on religion. #RESIST the #MuslimBan #travelban #speakupforsrinivas

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There’s no stopping this guy. With roles on shows like “Halt and Catch Fire,” “Marvel’s Agents of Shield,” and “90210,” Dayal rose to stardom and “The Hundred Foot Journey” became his ticket to success. He uses his platform to stand up for immigrants, women’s rights, and everything else that matters.

11. Parvesh Cheena, “Outsourced”

Cheena has been part of the industry for several years now, with his breakout hit being “Outsourced.” He’s worked on CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” amongst other shows.

He’s openly gay and as part of the LGBT community and Hollywood, it’s amazing that he’s using his popularity to educate and inspire.

12. Hannah Simone, “New Girl”

Simone plays Cece Parikh on FOX comedy “New Girl,” with her character being responsible for featuring Indian culture and wedding in a beautiful, non-stereotypical light. She’s vocal about her pride in her ethnicity and culture.

@azizansari will host Saturday Night Live on January 21, thereby making history as the show’s first host of South Asian descent. More than 90 per cent of SNL’s hosts have been white, and only two celebrities of Asian descent - Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu - have hosted the show earlier. I don’t know why I’m so shocked but I am shocked. Floored. As a woman of color in this industry trying to work I know I shouldn’t be but man it still surprises me. Maybe they just don’t realize how many dope ass funny people could be hosting their show? So after Aziz maybe they wanna book @mindykaling, @priyankachopra, @russellpeters, Dev Patel, @freidapinto @rizahmed @kumailn mean the list goes on and on. So SNL hit me up in the DMs if you want suggestions. I’ll happily be your booking agent this year to build on your great choice for this weekend x #pleaseleavesuggestionsbelow #newjobnewyear #datbookingagentlife #shoutouttotheothers #alsoeverybodybettershowdafuqupforazizthisweekend

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Beyond that, she supports several causes, most of which go directly against all the laws Trump wants to establish.

Almost a year ago my best friend/ phenomenal photographer @jessegiddings traveled to the Greek island of Lesvos and met Syrian families who washed up on the shore somehow escaping with their lives and making the treacherous journey to Europe. He stayed with them and traveled through mainland Greece and Macedonia while they tried to find a safe place to wait out the horror that had driven them from their homes and community. He met so many children, pregnant women, and fathers who were just trying to keep it together while they grieved for the family members they had lost and the fear they had to provide a semblance of a future for the family they had with them. @internationalmedicalcorps has been on the front lines from day one providing emergency services to innocent civilians. Please support their work. Please find compassion in your heart. This could so easily be all of us… imagine if someone knew your child was suffering and chose to do nothing? Act now. #linkinmybio #pleaseact #stopscrolling

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