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Reverse AI Filter: Latest Viral TikTok Trend Explained

The AI-Filter-based trend is back on TikTok but with a twist featuring reversal. TikTok users are wondering if they can reverse the AI filter on the platform in the latest viral trend as creators continue to share AI-generated masterpieces.

The AI images got viral on TikTok a couple of months back when users were sharing bizarre but stunning pictures generated using the Dream by Wombo app. Many people even created wallpaper-worthy images using the brilliant application.

Now, the app is again trending as TikTok users are again utilizing its artificial capabilities for viral videos. However, some users have different plans.

Reverse AI Filter Trend on TikTok: What is it?

The reverse AI filter trend on TikTok comes from a previously existent trend featuring the Dream by Wombo app. In that trend, users used the application to generate AI-based art and used it in their TikTok videos.

The trend got popular in September as lots of users posted their AI-generated masterpieces. Many users were also using the pictures as their home screen and lock screen wallpaper and shared them.

The trend is back now but several users are now posting their NSFW images after processing them with the AI Art filter on TikTok. These images include nude photos, couple pictures, and other private images.

Due to this, some users are wondering if they can reverse the images created using the AI Art filter of the Dream by Wombo app. Many of them are even trying to figure out what the image looked like originally before it was processed using AI.

Can you reverse the AI Filter on TikTok?

No, it’s not possible to reverse the images processed with the AI Art filter of the Dream by Wombo app. If you are wondering if you can just undo the work and see the actual picture, then it’s next to impossible.

No matter what editing tools you are using, there is no way to remove the work done by the AI Art filter. That’s why many TikTok users are sharing their private images using the AI-based trend without any worries, just like the red silhouette filter trend.

The reverse AI filter trend started as part of the guessing game where creators posted the AI-generated picture and asked their followers to figure out what was in the image. However, it didn’t take long for the trend to take a cunning turn.

Is the AI Art Filter Safe for your Private Pictures & Videos?

We know that the AI Art filter can’t be reversed once you have applied it to an image but that doesn’t mean you should use it to post your private (NSFW) pictures and videos on TikTok. It could lead to a number of risks.

Although the filter could not be reversed, you are still uploading your pictures on the app’s server and if it gets hacked, your images will be leaked. There are also chances of users finding a way to reverse the filter and many users would be doomed if that happens.

Tech experts state that putting your explicit images online is never a safe task. If TikTok notices what you have been doing, your account will be in jeopardy as their community guidelines will be violated. TikTok might even ban your account.

A PG approach with such TikTok trends, and all over social media, is always recommended. What are your thoughts on this?

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