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Prince Harry Still Questions Diana’s ‘Unexplained Death’, Couldn’t Comprehend To Date

Prince Harry has made several explosive revelations, one after the other, in his autobiography “Spare”. During his first televised interview following the release of his memoir, Harry told ITV interviewer Tom Bradby that he still questions Princess Diana’s “unexplained death”. Harry was just 12 when his mother died in a car crash, but again, her death has been subject to several conspiracy theories.

Didn’t See The Point For Another Inquiry…

During his first sit-down ITV interview following the release of “Spare”, Prince Harry told the interviewer, Tom Bradby, that he still questions the unexplained death of his mother, Princess Diana. “There’s a lot of things that are unexplained,” the Duke of Sussex revealed in an interview that aired Sunday (Jan. 8).

However, he also clarified that he didn’t “really see the point” of opening up another inquiry after years of reviewing the case. Harry was just 12 when Princess Diana died in a car crash. The Duke of Sussex, who is on a full-blown war with the British royal family, stated that he still remembers seeing the gruesome photos from the scene shortly after his mother died.

Harry also revealed that the paps were busy taking photos instead of helping his mother. “I couldn’t comprehend [her death],” he admitted. At one point in the interview, Harry compared his mother’s death to his fear of life for himself, Meghan and their children. He revealed that he was “genuinely terrified about what was going to happen” to him and his wife Meghan Markle.

Did Princess Diana Predict Her Death?

If you’ve forgotten, a mysterious note dubbed the “Mischon Note” was revealed in The Diana Investigations, a four-part Discovery+ docuseries chronicling the British and French inquiries into the death of the princess.

The “Mishcon Note” made a startling revelation stating that she had predicted her car crash, two years before her death and well, named her husband Prince Charles as the man behind the mishap. It came out that Princess Diana informed her lawyer, Victor Mischon, in 1995 that efforts to “get rid” of her would be attempted in the following year, and also mentioned “car accident” as one of the possible means.

The conversation between the late Princess of Wales and Victor provided an eerie insight into what could have resulted on a fateful night,  Aug. 31, 1997, when her driver Henri Paul crashed inside Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel, killing the 36-year-old royal.

The storyline was built around the fact that Paul was found with drugs and alcohol in his system, while he was speeding at 65 mph. He attempted to ditch paparazzi on motorbikes, and instead sent the Mercedes carrying Princess Diana and her partner Dodi Al-Fayed into a pillar. While much remains untold, the death was declared an accident by the authorities, a fact that was wholeheartedly accepted by the entire royal family.

Harry, whose book ‘Spare’ hits stores on Jan. 10 but accidentally went on sale in Spain last week, also revealed in this interview that he hopes to patch things up someday, especially with his father and brother. However, he stated, “I want reconciliation but first there needs to be accountability.” He also revealed that certain members of the royal family called him “delusional and paranoid.” Harry feels like he went through the same trauma his mother was put through.

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