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Natalie Portman and Ellen Pompeo; Catching Up In Their Noon Walk

Time for a walk in the park for Ellen Pompeo and Natalie Portman.

Someone is definitely getting time to exercise together and wait, they have got their friends too!

No wonder, both the ladies are known for their remarkable presence in Hollywood both TV series and movies. Natalie Portman, 40, is known for her exemplary performance in Black Swan, and Ellen Pompeo, 51, who we know from Grey’s Anatomy.

The two were spotted enjoying an afternoon walk together in Los Angeles, Calif in Los Feliz.

Natalie was also seen carrying her cute dog, Penny.

Both the actresses had their masks on, well, obviously, they couldn’t be at risk all this while.

An Afternoon Well Spent!

Natalie Portman was in Australia with her busy schedule and just returned back. She was there for almost a year now filming for Thor: Love and Thunder.

She was seen wearing grey leggings that hugged her to her knee and paired it with sneakers and an ‘Ashby’ t-shirt to go with them. Her petite body turned the knack on.

To balance it out, Pompeo was in a full-black look where she had a T-shirt on with Dogs on it. Her black mask also supported her.

Both the gorgeous ladies had their ponytails tied loosely.

From jogging to exercise, both of them made sure to perform it all. Jogging across the street, they were making it all sorts of leisure walks.

At least someone is enjoying the pandemic all this while! Their friendship duration is uncertain and these two haven’t really shared a screen together. Therefore, to outsource the origin of their friendship is a tough go.

However, they have always been there to support one another for social matters on social media platforms.

Seems like, the return of Portman from overseas led to the rekindling of the friendship and perhaps, an afternoon hike.

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