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Meet Itzel Yard Whose NFTs Earned Her $3 Million Fortune

Itzel Yard also known as IX Shell/Caribbean Glitch, has been crowned as the highest-grossing female NFT artist according to Forbes.

She made a mind-boggling $3 million to date by selling NFT’s.

Speaking to Forbes in 2021, Yard said, “I never thought I would sell any of these for this much and right now my artwork is valued at $2 million.”

Lindsay Howard, head of community at the Foundation, said, “Itzel’s sale creates a new platform because it sets a new ceiling for female artists in the NFT space and shows that We don’t just carry the values ​​of traditional world art.”

Itzel Yard made a huge $3 Million by selling NFTs

Find out what is a non-fungible token (NFT)

A non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored in the form of a digital ledger on a blockchain is known as a non-fungible token (NFT). There are several NFT data units including digital files like photos, videos, drawings, and audio.

This implies NFTs are unique in nature and cannot be replaced by anything. The majority of these NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT concept is making buzz off late and very appealing to art collectors, celebrities, and influencers.

Who is NFT artist Itzel Yard?

31 years old Itzel Yard is a digital artist. One of her works titled, ‘Dreaming at Dusk’ was sold for a record $2 million. However, that was not the case for all her arts that are up for sale. According to one media publication house she relocated from Panama to Toronto in the year 2014 and took up cleaning jobs for a living.

Yard explains: “I survived. I tried to be someone in a really expensive country. It started as a fascination with particular aesthetics and visual input. I originally studied art direction, which was a way of working through creativity. That eventually led me to explore different ways of expressing myself.”

She added, “Within commercial art direction, I didn’t have much freedom. I suddenly found myself seeking a space where I could just talk about whatever I wanted to talk about and make something that looked like whatever I wanted it to look like.”

Itzel was struggling with depression so she became a digital artist to express her feelings. Yard started posting her work on the social media platform Instagram to expand her reach. Finally, she decided to post her digital work to various non-fungible token (NFT) platforms like Zora, Opensea, etc.

She trained herself in coding and various computer process languages ​and simultaneously studied architectural technology in Toronto.

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