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McDonald’s Monopoly 2022: List of Rare Pieces and Prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly is returning for 2022 as foodies get a chance to win exciting prizes simply by having happy meals. Before running off to the nearest McD, here are all the rare pieces, menu items, and prizes for McDonald’s Monopoly 2022.

The annual game is starting on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, and will continue for six weeks till Tuesday, October 18, 2022. During this time, McDonald’s customers have the opportunity to grab exciting prizes ranging from free food items to a new car.

This game is based on the British board game “Monopoly” where the aim is to get a full set of properties like three greens or two dark blues. In McDonald’s version, stickers are placed on different food items and you have to peel them off to reveal properties and prizes.

When you collect a full set, you win a prize. The same happens when you are lucky enough to get an instant win. This time, there’s a new “Double Peel” feature that allows players to boost their chances of earning as they can also digitally scan the peel.

McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 Rare Pieces

The rare pieces of the McDonald’s Monopoly remain the same every year. They are as follows:

  • Dark blue: Mayfair
  • Green: Bond Street
  • Yellow: Coventry Street
  • Red: Strand
  • Train stations: Liverpool St Station
  • Orange: Marlborough Street
  • Light blue: Euston Road
  • Pink: Northumberland Avenue
  • Brown: Old Kent Road

McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 Rarest Prizes in the Order of Pieces

The biggest prizes come with the rarest pieces. Here are the prizes set in the order of McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 rare pieces and the number of potential winners:

  • Dark blue: £100,000 cash – 5
  • Green: MINI Electric Car – 21
  • Yellow: £2,000 Holiday with TUI – 80
  • Red: £1,000 on Home Entertainment at AO – 110
  • Train stations: See Tickets £250 Events Voucher – 510
  • Orange: Nintendo Switch from Zavvi – 505
  • Pink: Experience Day with Buyagift – 2,200
  • Light Blue: Grind True Wireless Earbuds from Skullcandy – 1,650
  • Brown: McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavour Wrap Meal – 2,100,000

You need to be really lucky to get the Dark blue and the Green pieces while Yellow is another good option.

McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 Best Instant Win Prizes

You need sheer luck to get rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces. However, getting instant prizes is comparatively easier. It’s still not simple though. This year, the fast-food chain has partnered with a number of brands to offer amazing “Instant Win” prizes.

Here are the best Instant Win food prizes and their numbers for McDonald’s Monopoly 2022:

  • Big Mac or Big Flavour Wrap – 6,591,730
  • 6 Chicken McNuggets or Double Cheeseburger – 9,887,595
  • McFlurry or Fruit Bag – 7,910,076
  • Small Fries or Veg Bag – 6,591,730
  • Medium Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar or Medium Milkshake – 6,591,730
  • Quarter Pounder™ With Cheese or McPlant – 5,273,384
  • Apple Pie or Fruit Bag – 7,910,076
  • Single McMuffin or Bacon Roll – 5,273,384
  • Hash Brown or Cheesy Bacon Flatbread – 6,591,730
  • Any Regular McCafé® Hot Drink – 3,295,865
  • 20% Off a McDonald’s order – 1,100,000
  • £5 Off a McDonald’s order of £15 or more – 1,100,000
  • An Extra Value Meal for £1.99 – 1,100,000
  • Free Cheeseburger with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal – 1,100,000
  • Free McFlurry with the purchase of an Extra Value Meal – 1,100,000

More Instant Win Prizes for McDonald’s Monopoly 2022

Other than the food items, there is a lot of stuff you can claim as an Instant Win prize in the game. Take a look at more prizes here:

  • McDonald’s Gold Card (one meal per week for a year)
  • £200 For Passing Go (£200 cash)
  • McDonald’s Bean Bag
  • One4all £100 Gift Card
  • Paramount+ Annual Subscription
  • £80 Go Ape Activity Voucher
  • Prezzybox £50 Voucher
  • £30 I Saw It First voucher
  • GLOSSYBOX Beauty Box
  • Hype Backpack
  • Wrappz Personalised Phone Case
  • Choice of Licensed T-Shirt From Zavvi
  • McDonald’s Reusable Water Bottle
  • Pair of Cinema Tickets

They are lesser in number. Hence, you need to be really lucky in order to get the stickers offering these. Some of these are also traded on used items marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Etsy.

How to Play McDonald’s Monopoly 2022?

Playing McDonald’s Monopoly is very simple and the rules are the same in 2022. If you are a foodie, it’s going to be the most exciting six weeks of the year. To play the game, you just have to go to a McDonald’s Store or Drive Thru, and buy any eligible food item.

After that, you have to remove the peel and hope to receive a rare piece or an instant win. If you are lucky enough, you’ll be counting prizes, and if you are not, you can just buy another item later.

How to use the “Double Peel” feature in McDonald’s Monopoly 2022?

This year, there is a new feature called “Double Peel” that increases your chances of getting properties and instant wins. It allows you to scan the peel with the McDonald’s app to get a free virtual sticker.

Just install and run the McDonald’s app (available on both Android and iOS devices) and create an account by entering your information. After that, get a food item from the fast-food chain and peel the sticker off the item.

Now scan it using the “Scan” feature available in the app. When the property is banked, you will get a virtual sticker called a “Digital Peel” and your prize/ property will be stored in the app.

McDonald’s Menu Items with Monopoly 2022 Stickers

Here are all the items you can get from the extensive McDonald’s menu to play the Monopoly game:

  • Chicken & Bacon Salad or Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Selects (3 or 5 Pieces)
  • McPlant
  • Big Tasty with or without Bacon
  • Any Big Flavour Wrap
  • Chicken Legend (Mayo, BBQ, or Spicy)
  • Spicy Chicken McNuggets (6 or 9 Pieces) or Spicy Chicken McNuggets Sharebox
  • Medium or Large Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Any item from the McCafé Iced range
  • Medium or Large Fries
  • Mozzarella Dippers or Mozzarella Dippers Cheese Sharebox
  • Mars or Twix McFlurry
  • Any other Side (meaning a Side Salad, Veg Bag, or Fruit Bag), when bought as part of a Medium or Large Meal (not being a Salad Meal), served after 11 AM.
  • Any other Drink, when bought as part of a Medium or Large Meal, served after 11 AM.

That’s going to be your meal plan in the coming days if you’re a passionate player of McD Monopoly 2022. Don’t forget to take your friends blessed with great luck with your on your next visit to the store.

Feel free to use the comment box to clear any doubts or queries.

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