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Make Way, Britney Spears is “Back Already” on Instagram

Not sure what really is happening here but guess what Britney Spears is back on Instagram after her indeed ”short” hiatus.

What exactly is going on with Britney, though? At least fans can now relax now that she is officially back. We are now going to have the tidbits of everything that’s happening in her life and of course, her engagement!

Looks like, the singer couldn’t stay away from the gram for the look and it was less than a week that she left for her ”Engagement break”.

As seen, the popstar was away for almost a week.

“Couldn’t stay away from the gram for too long so I’m back already,”, she announced soon after her return. Let’s dive in more to see what brought Britney back on IG.

Britney Spears is Back on Instagram

The world knew it, Britney was away from the gram because she wanted to have some time off and celebrate her engagement.

The popstar, 39, posted two selfies on her account last Monday. The first picture was from Palm Springs and as we could understand from her caption, she was in the mood for a celebration with Sam Asghari, her fiance.

Some shots from my weekend getaway to celebrate my engagement with my … holy shit … FIANCÉ … I still can’t believe it !!!! I couldn’t stay away from the gram too long so I’m back already !!!! Psss I took these in Palm Springs with clip in extensions”, her caption read.

That wasn’t all. She also posted two more videos where she was seen dancing.

“This was shot in July !!!! Remember Bad Guy ???? Well this is part 3 …. no … not same dance !!! Different moves “, the caption on the dance video read.

“Sorry I like long hair to twirl … so this is me after vacuuming my living room with this bomb 💣 new glade Hawaiian 🌺 breeze carpet cleaner !!!!! Holy hell it’s great …. my living room smells 👌👌👌 so nice to WAKE UP to !!!!! This song by Lenny Kravitz is a fun one to dance to … of course my favorite lyric is I WAS BORN !!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and don’t forget to stay grateful and say your prayers folks 🙏🏻✨ !!!!! Pssss my red dye came out in the shower 🚿 and it looked like a crime scene 😬👻🩸!!!! Pssss ok … I’m taking myself very seriously in this dance 💃😹😜🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😹😳 !!!!!!!”, her caption on the other dance video read.

That was quite a comeback.

On an interesting turn of events, Britney’s boyfriend now fiance, Asghari proposed to her on September 12. The five-year relationship was now official and Britney was on cloud nine after she had the diamond ring on her fingers.

It was entirely the singer’s decision to go on a break and then come back within a week. This was confirmed by her rep.

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