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Loretta Lynn’s Children: Meet The Kids Of The Country Music Icon

Loretta Lynn, a country music legend, died at the age of 90. She influenced generations of female musicians and will be remembered in Country Music history. Lynn released several gold albums during his six-decade career in country music.

Based on her life, the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter was made in 1980. Lynn has been nicknamed the “Coal Miners Daughter” ever since. Lynn received numerous awards and accolades for her pioneering role in country music.

The musician’s family announced her passing by saying, “Our precious mom, Loretta Lynn, passed away peacefully this morning, October 4th, in her sleep at home in her beloved ranch in Hurricane Mills.”

Lynn’s death is heartwrenching, but what their family is going through is unbearable. Here’s what we know about her children, who brightened her life.

Meet The Kids Of Coal Miner’s Daughter Loretta Lynn’

Lynn had been married for nearly 50 years when her husband died in 1996 at the age of 69. They had “one of the hardest love stories.”

In one of her autobiographies she recalled, “I married Doo when I wasn’t but a child, and he was my life from that day on. But as important as my youth and upbringing were, there’s something else that made me stick to Doo.

He thought I was something special, more special than anyone else in the world, and never let me forget it. That belief would be hard to shove out the door. Doo was my security, my safety net. And just remember, I’m explainin’, not excusin’.

Doo was a good man and a hard worker. But he was an alcoholic, and it affected our marriage all the way through.”

Loretta and Oliver Lynn shared six children. However, two of their children died. It’s also unimaginable for any parent to bear the loss of a child.

Betty Sue Lynn

At the end of 1948, the couple had their first daughter. Loretta Lynn’s eldest daughter, ‘Betty Sue Lynn,’ died on July 29, 2013. Betty Sue Lynn died at her Waverly, Tennessee, home near Loretta’s ranch in Hurricane Mills due to emphysema complications.

She is survived by two daughters, Lynn Markworth and Audrey Dyer, as well as five grandchildren.

Lynn revealed in her autobiography that their mother-daughter connection was so powerful that Loretta could tell whether Betty Sue was sick or pleased based on her dreams.

Loretta paid tribute to her daughter in a post and penned, “She’s been gone for nine years, and it feels like I haven’t seen her or heard her voice in forever. How I’d love to sit down with her to talk a while, laugh, and sing together just one more time.”

Jack Benny Lynn

He is the first son of the pair. Unfortunately, Lynn’s son, Jack Benny Lynn, died on July 22, 1984, at the age of 34, while attempting to cross the Duck River at the family’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

According to sources at that time, he told a ranch hand, “I’m goin’ ridin’,” and rode off into the highlands. Towards the evening, the horse and Jack Benny attempted to cross the Duck River, which separates the Lynn spread.

They never came home. On Tuesday, a sheriff’s search party discovered the horse underneath the river bluff and Jack’s body in the water nearby. That’s the moment that broke their parent’s hearts.

He was only 34 years old. Reports at that time also claimed that the singer cried non-stop for 45-minute at her son’s funeral. Jeffrey Allen Lynn, the family’s eldest grandson, died suddenly. Jeffery was Jack’s son who worked on the ranch.

In July 2021 Lynn penned, “My Jack. Today in 1984 my life changed forever. You are never the same after you bury one of your children-never. I’ve thought of him and missed him every day for 37 years. He was a spitting image of his daddy.

He was quiet and tender. I adored him with all my heart. He and Betty Sue got into everything when they were little and I was a new momma. They kept me on my toes and I’d do it all again if I could. They’re together now. Jack, I love you, honey. You still bring a smile to me every time I think of you.”

Ernest Ray ‘Ernie’

The second son of the couple is Ernie. Lynn and her second son also sang duets together. He also had his hands on singing. Loretta and Ernie make an excellent singing son-daughter duo. Ernest has appeared as a singer in various shows.

Clara Marie ‘Cissie’

Cissie was born shortly after Ernie. Clara accompanied in her mother’s footsteps as a country song singer. She married singer/songwriter John Beams, and they’ve traveled and performed with their own band over the years, opening for big names like Conway Twitty and George Jones.

She also released her own single, Rodeo Lady. Cissie became well-known for her cover versions of Loretta’s songs.

Peggy Jean & Patsy Eileen Lynn

Next, we have the twins. The twin daughters are named for Lynn’s sister, Peggy Sue Wright, and her friend, Patsy Cline. Peggy and Patsy were nominated for CMA Vocal Duo of the Year in 1998 and 1999.

You must already be familiar with them. They are well-known in the music industry. In the late 1990s, they formed the country band The Lynns.

Lynn had a number of health issues over the years. She also had pneumonia and several falls at home.

Lynn skipped a tribute to her from other women in country music in 2010 due to knee surgery. In 2017, the singer suffered a stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. She canceled all of her tours at the time.

The post penned, Lynn is “currently under medical care and is responsive and expected to make a full recovery.” Lynn fell and broke her hip on January 1, 2018.

It’s saddening for all of Lynn’s enthusiasts to go through this. A lot of famous individuals paid tribute on social media. Loretta’s music will forever be remembered.

You are welcome to pay your tributes to the singer in the comment section below. And what do you think about her kids?

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  1. Loretta Lynn rest in peace and I’m sending prayers to all your kids thank you Loretta Lynn for your music and the time here on Earth

  2. Loretta Lynn was my very favorite country singer.I got to meet her at an antique mall in Mansfield,Ohio ( also her sister Crystal Gayle)when asked why she had Crystal Gayle with her she replied,” honey,I got to let her… she’s family!”I was impressed with their down to earth talk and Doo little too.They were like regular people.As a matter of fact….I was asked to get her autography by my dad and was so nervous..I walked right up to her and Crystal & asked them if” I could give them my autography and signed my name to a business card! I thanked them and my dad said,” very good now go get their autograph” I was so imbarrassed that Ms.Lynn said,” here’s my autography sweetheart one for you and one for your daddy and Crystal Gayle signed one for us both too..Doo -little also signed an autograph too.I felt a little imbarrassed until I realized I got Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn ‘ s husband too. I still have them, remember it well and was very sad at her passing..but it’s a memory that’s special to me..I mean Loretta Lynn AND Crystal Gayle and I TAlKED to all three.wow.It was very,very special!!!


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