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Kanye West Owes $400K To A Fashion Rental Service, Claims Lawsuit

Kanye West, aka Ye, might be in trouble. In a lawsuit filed against him by a high-end fashion rental firm, the firm has claimed that the rapper owes them over $400,000 as unpaid rental fees. Apparently, Kanye has also not returned over a dozen ‘rare and esteemed pieces’ to the firm.

The claim has been made by David Casavant Archive, in a complaint filed in Los Angeles Court on Tuesday. The firm describes itself as a ‘private collection of the world’s rarest and most coveted garments’.

Kanye Has Not Paid Rental Fees Since 2020: Claims Firm

The David Casavant Archive has claimed that Kanye stopped paying them rental fees for 13 different items under his possession in late 2020. The firm now wants the unpaid rental fees of $221,810.

Over that, the firm also claims an additional $195,100 as replacement charges in case Kanye has permanently lost the items. The company lawyers wrote in the complaint, “The items are all rare, esteemed pieces valued for their scarcity and importance in fashion history.”

“They are not fungible commodities. The replacement fees reflect the loss of future rentals, loan opportunities, publicity, and the lost value to the Archive as a whole, as each lost item is part of a greater collection that derives its value from its completeness,” the lawyers continued.

The Rapper Had a Long Association With The Firm

The lawsuit further states that the rental service has had a long association with the 45 year old rapper and song producer. They have been offering him consulting and rental services since 2014. And every time, Kanye would pay the rental fee for the period that he kept the item without any issue, until October 2020.

The firm stated, “When defendant Ye would occasionally lose items that he had rented from the Archive, defendant Yeezy was billed the replacement fee. All parties understood (as expressed orally and in writing and reflected in many years of prior dealings) that because the garments are not commodities that are easily replaceable.”

The lawyers stated that Kanye rented some 13 items in February 2020, which has not returned them till now. He stopped paying the rent for these items in October 2020. The firm said the efforts to resolve the issue had reached a dead-end.

The complaint further read, “Defendants have not responded meaningfully to plaintiff’s numerous inquiries about defendants’ unpaid balance and the missing items, referring plaintiff to individuals without knowledge or authority to resolve the dispute, or advising plaintiff to send inquiries to inactive email accounts.”

The firm also claims to provide rental services to celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady.

Kanye Has Been Embroiled in Other Lawsuits as Well

This is not the first lawsuit that the Come To Life artist has found himself embroiled in. He already has a divorce proceeding going on with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

He has also been involved in multiple copyright lawsuits, and a sample licensing lawsuit for a sample in his track Flowers from Donda 2. In February this year, there were reports that Kanye might also face legal charges of assault after he punched a fan outside a club.

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