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JoJo Siwa Claps Back at Critic Who Questioned her Being a Judge at SYTYCD

So you think JoJo can’t judge? That’s the question JoJo Siwa puts up as a critic slammed her for her new judging position on the famous show “So You Think You Can Dance”. The 19-year-old dancer and YouTuber reminded them why she is more qualified for her designation. Read on to learn more about what she has to say.

Siwa’s Impressive Resume

The 19-year-old star JoJo Siwa who recently celebrated her Golden Birthday on “The Tonight Show” joined the judging panel of So You Think You Can Dance, but it seems like some people have a real problem.

Yea, the “Boomerang” singer reserved her seat on season 17 of SYTYCD—which premiered May 18—alongside fellow judges Stephen “tWitch'” Boss and Mathew Morrison. However, the Glee alum was forced to exit the show after failing to follow “competition production protocols.”

An online critic took to Twitter to express their disdain for Siwa’s new position amid Mathew’s exit. He wrote, Dammit. I saw the headline “Judge Leaves #sytycd” and got all excited. Yes! @itsjojosiwa was out! But, nope. It was Matthew Morrison. Dammit! I thought he brought the broadway perspective to the show. Maybe not an expert on dance, but on showmanship. Still won’t watch.”

Now, this was harsh considering JoJo’s ripe dancing experience against her young age. It has come as a proud moment for JoJo and her fans as she took to the judge’s seat on the show. After this tweet, Siwa responded to the critic with some facts. She literally listed just a few accomplishments on her impressive resume. Jojo tweeted:

“18 Years of Dance Knowledge. 4 Major dance TV shows. I’ve hired over 1000 dancers. 16 Dance music videos,” she boasted. “If you don’t like me that’s okay… but if you think I don’t know about dance ya just sound silly.” (ICYMI, she came in second on Dancing With the Stars, mentored rising stars on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution and made an appearance on The Masked Singer.).”

Jojo is Too Matured for her Age

I think JoJo Siwa makes an incredible judge for her age. In her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jojo revealed that “SYTYCD” came out a year after she was born. She said, “I remember going for a tour when I was like 5, and I met the cast of that season. It was Season 5.”

JoJo also expressed that it’s cool to think that this show is such an iconic piece of the dance world and dance history. Not just this, she revealed her connection with the dancers on this show as she once was in their place. She added, “Every dancer that has such a household name, was born on this show.” She revealed that to be a part of this show as a judge is something incredible.

JoJo mentioned that she wanted people to know that she is dead serious when they are good. JoJo won’t tell everyone that they are great. She revealed it’s a natural trait. Do you think an amateur can speak such words without any experience?

Well, the critics who need more evidence as to her qualifications, must know that Siwa shares the same choreographer as Lady Gaga. Yes, Richie Jackson is the man behind her furnished dancing skills. She also revealed that she knows about 20-24 Lady Gaga dances from her concerts.

Siwa is an all-rounder and was included on Times annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. Siwa’s fans already know that. As for her critics, I’d say have some faith in the young lady!

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