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Is Drake Arrested in Sweden? “Free Drake” Trends After Rumors on Social Media

The God’s Plan singer Drake is back in the news. Not long ago, someone stated that Drizzy had been arrested by the police authorities for marijuana possession in Sweden and it spread like a wildfire on social media.

The internet speculation of Drake being arrested at a Stockholm nightclub in Sweden first surfaced on the social media platform Instagram. Keep reading further to know whether Champagne Papi aka Drake was arrested by the cops or not.

Has Drake been arrested in Sweden?

The answer to the above question is a big no. When you are one of the most popular rappers in the world, people will without a doubt make stories about you to get some fame and spotlight on themselves.

Throughout his music career, Drake has been entangled in many false reports and tales that have been created by fans of the rock star but this time, the rumor of Drake’s arrest in Sweden took the internet by storm.

Recently, a user sparked the rumor of Drake’s arrest on the social networking service Instagram. Not only that the person also stated that the members of his entourage were also arrested.

Drake’s team has denied that the rapper was arrested in Sweden

Drake’s team told The Hollywood Reporter, that the In My Feelings singer has not been arrested in Sweden. His team stated that the Grammy Winning artist was in his hotel in the Swedish capital and he had not been arrested.

According to his Instagram Stories, the Canadian rapper reached Sweden’s Arlanda airport on Wednesday lunchtime. He was flying to Sweden by his personal baby blue Boeing 767 dubbed “Air Drake.”

As per the local media reports, after landing in Sweden Drake headed to the trendy Östermalm district of Stockholm and hit up Ciccio’s restaurant. Till now, it’s not known whether the rapper is in Sweden to record some music or for personal reasons. 

Drake dropped his house-inspired seventh studio album Honestly, Nevermind last month. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. The album has received good feedback from the end of fans.

How did the fans react to the rumor of Drake’s arrest?

One user wrote, “how y’all telling Biden to free Drake bro he not even from the United States.” Another user tweeted, “i just know drake gonna pout his lips and throw up a peace sign on his mugshot.”

Followed by a user who penned, “Drake writing them criminal bar stories in a five star Swedish hotel correctional facility.” Another user further added, “They finally arrested Drake for dropping that album.”

One user tweeted, “Drake is about to come out of 5 hour lockup talking about Swedish mob ties. 10 AM in Stockholm Freestyle. Another user penned, “Drake getting arrested in Sweden may be the most random thing I heard all day lmao.’

Did you believe that Drake got arrested in Sweden for real? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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