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Is China Really Witnessing “Rain Of Worms”?

A disturbing video from China shocked the nation as citizens of the Chinese province of Liaoning were asked to find shelter after it looked like it started to rain worms. A viral clip of little worms, splattered all over cars, has been making rounds across the internet. Residents have been asked to carry umbrellas as they move out of the house. So what’s exactly happening in China? Is it really raining worms? Read on to figure it out.

Is It Raining Worms In China?

A viral video from China, alleging that it’s raining worms has horrified people, and social media is buzzing with theories of all sorts. In the video, residents of the Chinese province of Liaoning were seen covering themselves with umbrellas.

The video also showcased cars covered with thousands of slimy creatures, making everyone believe that it’s raining worms in China. While the cause is yet to be uncovered, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network suggested that these worms were dropped after being swept up by heavy winds.

According to the journal, the phenomenon was the same as the one that happens after a storm when insects are caught up in a whirlpool. Another theory suggests that the worms are actually poplar flowers (the tulip tree’s blooms resemble worms). Considering these findings, it’s hard to believe that it’s raining worms in China.

How Are People Reacting?

The viral video has caused a state of panic across social media. “Strange phenomena,” a user added, while another expressed, “If I was just minding my business on a casual day in China and it started raining worms ?? I’d just die.” One user wrote: “we’re living in the end times.” Another added: “new fear unlocked.” “All I want is to get all my house remodelled before the end of the world happens,” one joked.

“That is freaking me out,” said one more. “Plague comes to mind,” wrote another resident. “We need a software update we glitching again,” humoured another. “Earth is lagging,” a comment stated. “It’s the end of the world,” one feared. “Next thing you know it will be raining cats and dogs as the saying goes,” joked another social media user.

One person, on the contrary, expressed:  “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks dropped from trees.” If you aren’t aware, a similar event like this happened last December when it was believed that iguanas could rain down from trees in Florida due to colder temperatures.

“They slow down or become immobile when it’s below 40,” WFTV meteorologist Brian Shields posted on Twitter last winter. “They may fall from trees, but they aren’t dead.” Well, scientifically, it is very much possible because when temperatures drop, the reptiles become stiff and tumble to the ground.

As for the present incident in China, Chinese journalist Shen Shiwei pointed out that the video was fake and that the city of Beijing had witnessed no rainfall in recent times. “I’m in Beijing and this video is fake. Beijing hasn’t got rainfall these days,” he said. Well, we’re sure too that it’s not raining worms and even if these creatures are real, they apparently got swept as a result of a storm. What do you think?

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