14-year-old Avi Goel, an Indian-American high school student from San Jose, California brought his A-game to the International Geography Bee! Goel won the world championship tournament’s junior varsity division held in Berlin, Germany. Goel emerged with the most medals after the events, a number which included seven gold medals and two silver medals out of the competition’s ten events.

The competition is organized by the International Academic Competitions, an organization conducting academic competitions worldwide. This year’s International Geography Bee brought together over 100 top geography students from all over the world. It includes exams, various quiz rounds and other competition formats that test the student’s knowledge on all aspects of geography from historical geography to physical geography and even climatology.

The Silver Creek High School student told PTI of how he wants to progress in other subjects like math and computer science as he wants to focus on those areas in college. Goel hopes this new win adds to his college application, this isn’t the first time he’s taken on academic competitions. The geography champion placed second in the state of California in geography competitions when he was in the 6th grade. In 2017 he won the United States Geography Olympiad’s junior varsity division even though he was only in middle school at the time. Looks like there’s no stopping this academic star!


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