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Fortnite is Shutting Down in China on November 15th; Registrations Stopped

Scheduled for a wrap-up THIS November.

It took two years, almost, to complete the testing of Fortnite, which now is completely shutting down in China. The game will shut down on November 15th.

Officially, the game was never even released in China and moreover, it was missing some major elements and features such as in-app purchases.

Epic Games, who are the developer behind the Fortnite game will shut the servers down for further download. On Fortnite’s website, they have revealed that the “test” of the game “has come to an end.”

Epic Games are to shut down the servers forever and no user will thereafter be able to login to the game. The circulated notice also thanks players for “boarding the bus” and therefore, for being a part of the game thus far.

Furthermore, Epic Games decided to stay quiet about revealing the ”reason” of their decision.

What more do we know about the game? Come, read!

Fortnite Shutting Down in China on November 15th

The posts also made it clear for users how they will no longer be able to sign up or download the game from Monday.

China had the ”beta version”’ of Fortnite three years back. The game in China was known as ”Fortress Night” and was under development by Tencent Games.

Chinese Technology Giant Tencent has a facial recognition system that has the potential to catch kids.

In 2018, Epic Games teamed with Tencent for Fortnite’s release in China. However, it had to go through some serious changes before it could be available for the folks to enjoy.

If you read through the Fortnite China Wikipedia page, you will understand how different the game stands in China from the other parts of the world.

For instance, the depiction of ‘Skull’ in China is prohibited, and therefore, the appearance has been changed with cosmetic items.

$330 Million were invested by Tencent in Epic in 2012 granting a 40% stake in the games.

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