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Ellen DeGeneres Shows Montecito’s Overflowing River And Urges Residents To Be Safe

Despite the unprecedented weather conditions in the Montecito area of California, Ellen DeGeneres has urged the residents to stay safe as they experience unseasonably cold temperatures.

The US talk show host and comedian published a video on her Instagram account of herself standing beside a rushing river in the park where she lives with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

Local authorities ordered the evacuation after it was revealed that other well-known faces also live in the area, including actor Rob Lowe, actress Oprah Winfrey, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Extreme Weather Comes Five Years After Deadly Mudslides In The Seaside Town

On Monday, Ellen DeGeneres stood in the rain outside her home in Montecito, California. She shared a video of water rushing into a creek by her house on her social media channel. The bomb cyclone sweeping through the state is currently causing mandatory evacuation orders in this wealthy neighborhood under the pressure of compulsory evacuation orders.

During her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on November 11, she said in her video that the evacuation orders came precisely five years after the deadly Montecito mudslides that resulted in 23 fatalities in 2018. She wore a gray rain jacket during her appearance. A mudslide that occurred in California also damaged the home of Oprah Winfrey.

“This is crazy on the five-year anniversary we are having unprecedented rain. This creek next to our house — it never flows, ever — probably about 9 feet up…” DeGeneres said, pointing her camera towards a gushing river behind her.

According To DeGeneres, She Was Also Prepared To Evacuate If Necessary

In the video, Degeneres makes it clear that she was also prepared to evacuate, and she specifies in the caption that she has been asked to shelter in place because her home is located on higher ground. “We need to be nicer to Mother Nature because Mother Nature is not happy with us,” said Ellen DeGeneres in a recent video.

The Montecito Fire Protection District enacted a mandatory evacuation on Monday following storm conditions that posed “threats to life safety” in the local area. Besides Santa Barbara County, other places are being evacuated as well. The department did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment to the MFPD.

According to Kasey Reiter, a Montecito resident whose home had been damaged by the 2018 mudslides, she evacuated her home quickly with her two children, one and three years old, to the home of her in-laws shortly after the mudslides hit. In addition to helping evacuate her mother, Reiter also had to book her mother a hotel room, which she said was a challenge since rooms in hotels are now crowded with evacuees.

It appears that she left the area “pretty quickly,” which meant that she could not grab much to put in her house to protect it from water damage, nor did she have time to place sandbags down to protect it. There is also a creek near Reiter’s home, and she said that it has already gotten into her neighbor’s home, as well as mud and sludge.

Some 25,000 People Had To Be Evacuated Due To The String Of Storms That Hit

As a result of heightened flood and mudslide risks, 25,000 people were forced to evacuate Montecito and nearby areas along the Santa Barbara coast on Monday following a string of deadly Pacific storms. Since late December, torrential downpours have led authorities to worry that hillsides stripped bare of vegetation by past wildfires might suffer lethal cascades of mud, boulders, and other debris.

In January 2018, more than 20 people were killed, and widespread damage occurred after mudslides from heavy rains caused widespread damage and evacuations in Montecito, a wealthy coastal enclave 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Based on what the performer said, there are mandatory evacuation orders for the city and surrounding areas due to flash flooding. To save the lives of people residing in coastal areas, our only option is to pray for their safety. Let us keep you updated with the latest news from the world of showbiz so that you get everything. Please stay tuned with us.

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