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Comedian Chris Kattan Undergoes Pneumonia Surgery

Due to a frightening medical situation, Chris Kattan had to undergo. As a result, he will be absent from some of his upcoming comedy tour dates.

Several sources in Chris’ life have informed us that he was recently diagnosed with Streptococcus Pneumoniae, a severe condition.

A Frightening Health Issue Forced Chris Kattan To Undergo Emergency Surgery

As of right now, Chris Kattan is a patient in the hospital. This is due to a health scare that led to him having to undergo emergency surgery to treat pneumonia. Unfortunately, this is why he cannot attend some of his upcoming shows on his current comedy tour.

According to sources close to the 52-year-old comedian, Chris Kattan has fallen ill with severe Streptococcus pneumonia after being hospitalized for three days. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the phenomenon, it describes a severe case of pneumonia. On the other hand, Kattan was immediately brought to a nearby hospital and had to undergo immediate surgery.

However, when he arrived at the hospital, he was told that he would need to undergo emergency surgery as soon as possible. Thank goodness the operation went well and was a success. There have been reports that Kattan will be released from the hospital on Friday if everything works out well, according to insiders who have confirmed this to us. Furthermore, it should take a little time for him to be able to return to work at some point.

Also, Kattan will be performing in Valparaiso, Indiana, this Friday, and her first performance will be elsewhere. The show in the city and a couple of other upcoming dates on the comedian’s comedy tour have reportedly been rescheduled due to the cancellation.

What Chris Kattan Has To Say About Leaving Celebrity Big Brother

The long-running CBS series Celebrity Big Brother ended this year with Chris Kattan voluntarily exiting the house after a brief stint in the house over some time. According to him, even though it was challenging, he found it a lot of fun.

He explains that it has also become quite difficult for him to avoid talking to his family at some point in the past. As he became increasingly isolated from the outside world, it became more difficult for him to cope.

Kattan shared her experience with the media by saying, ‘I don’t think I was so ready [or] realized what that felt like when you have cameras on you 24/7, except for when you’re going to use the bidet. That’s it. I didn’t realize how much I missed my family, friends, loved ones, and girlfriend.’

About Chris Kattan

In Sherman Oaks, California, Christopher Lee Kattan was born to model Hajni Joslyn and actor Kip King, who both worked in the entertainment industry. After moving to Mt. Baldy when he was five years old and remained there until the age of fifteen, when he left for high school on Bainbridge Island, Washington, where he attended college.

A few years after graduating from high school, Chris moved to the Los Angeles area, where he joined the group “The Groundlings,” an improv/sketch comedy group. His first appearance on Saturday Night Live (1975) took place in March of 1996, and by September that year, he had joined the cast as a full-time member. His tenure on the show lasted until the end of May 2003. Currently, Chris lives in the area of Los Angeles.

Doctors have stated that he will be accepted within the next few days. Our prayers are sent out to him for an early recovery. We will keep you updated with the latest celebrity gossip.

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