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Charlotte Dawson takes Break from Instagram after Receiving an ‘Awful News’

Late comedian Les Dawson’s daughter, Charlotte Dawson had a terrible start to the week. The 29-year-old reality TV star and entrepreneur her one-year-old baby Noah to the hospital after he met with an accident at home. Read on to know why she quit Instagram.

Noah passes out

Charlotte and her fiance Matthew Sarsfield rushed their son Noah to the hospital after he banged his cheek and head on the leg of a table. The little boy kept vomiting until he passed out and remained dizzy.

Charlotte told her fans that “Terrified us. Finally getting into bed. Glad we went to the hospital and got checked. Our cherub you are just so precious.” Thankfully, the child was attended immediately in an emergency ward and was given an all-clear by doctors.

The family returned home on the same day. Charlotte and her partner Matthew gave birth to their child in January 2021. She revealed that Noah was due just a week before her late father, Les Dawson’s 90th birthday.

Charlotte’s dad was a famous comedian, actor, writer and presenter. He is best remembered for his deadpan style and jokes about his mother-in-law and wife. Les made several appearances on BBC’s variety show The Good Old Days in the 70s and 80s. Charlotte was very close to her dad.

Charlotte quits Instagram

Charlotte is the owner of Dawsonlicious Tanning, a beauty, cosmetic and personal care line. She recently revealed after her son’s incident that she is quitting Instagram because even though her son is okay, she is not.

Charlotte broke this news via an Instagram story wherein she wrote, “Receiving so many messages why I’ve been quiet and is Noah ok… Noah is absolutely fine, he’s amazing. It’s me that’s not ok. We have had some awful news & just trying to come to terms with it [sad emojis]. Will be back soon. Love you all x.”


Charlotte stated that the family has had some “awful news”. However, she did not mention what exactly was the news. It appears that she is traumatised by what happened to her son and is just taking some break from her active social media life.

The famous  Youtube star, TV personality and makeup artist rose to fame through her Youtube Channel, Charlotte Dawson Makeup. Dawson has also been featured in several magazines like Hello Magazine Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Telegraph. Dawson’s net worth is around $1 million. What do you think about her social detox?

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