Looking for an easy and even healthier spin on a classic? Enter baked aloo samosa. There is no deep frying necessary to yield the perfect samosa. What’s more, using store-bought pie crust reduces prep time. You’ll want to get something like Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust; there are 2 nine-inch pie dough “rolls” which will equal 4 gorgeous samosa for this recipe. Perfect!

Don’t skimp on the masala as they really do make a difference in the taste and balance of spiciness with depth of flavor. Don’t forgo the fresh mint either. The coolness of it beautifully cuts the buttery mouthfeel of the pastry.

If like me, you’ve always struggled with how to perfect shape and seal samosa, there is a step-by-step picture guide below which removes the guesswork.

I recommend making these for Valentine’s Day, an activity that you and Bae can do together for a lil samorance (samosa + romance). You could make the aloo stuffing a couple days in advance, refrigerate, and then use bust it out once you’re ready for assembly.

Let’s get to cooking!







Samosa_9 (1)










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