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Anitta’s First Madame Tussauds Wax Figure in NYC is an Astonishing Duplicate

All hearts for Anitta’s wax figure!

Is it really this accurate or we are just daydreaming and gazing over the beauty of how original her version of Madame Tussaud is.

Anitta, the Brazilian singer was present to attend the inauguration of her own Madame Tussauds wax figure. The event happened in New York, and her detailed outfit had a reason behind it.

During the unveiling event a New York, Times Square she said, “It’s amazing to be a part of this project! At first I couldn’t believe I was actually invited,” Anitta said at the unveiling in New York. “I mean, I never thought that a wax figure of me could be next to some of the biggest stars ever at Madame Tussauds. A lot of hard work from the museum team came into this, so I am very proud and excited for the world to see it.”

Let’s find it all out.

Anitta’s Reaction to her “Wax Figure”

June 2nd indeed turn out to be a great one for Anitta whose wax figure is now established in NY.

There was room for one Anitta which is now followed by a second one. The life-size figure of the downtown singer left her ecstatic and elated.

The superstar was draped in a white-fitted cropped t-shirt with “Garota Do Rio” imprinted on it. We all know where it’s coming from.

The t-shirt did leave us with a glimpse of the actress’s toned abs and G-string. Her look was paired with ripped jeans, and a pointed pair of shade-blue boots.

During the interview sesh, the Brazillian singer went gaga over the details of her wax figure. She was awestruck. She was very impressed with the tan on her body which apparently took her by surprise.

Sharing her initial reaction she said, “The tan line was the first thing I saw!”

She spotted a very light tan around her lower waist, placed slightly above the portion of her jeans.

Furthermore, it was the first time Anitta spotted her wax twin, and therefore, her delight is totally expected.

“I only saw the videos they posted…the making of. And I saw the picture when it was ready. But that’s it,” Anitta said. “I didn’t see how they did it.”

In a press release, it was reported that Madame Tussauds artists heavily invested themselves with Anitta and her team of makeup artists and hairstylists to get hold of her eye color, hair color, skin tone, and tattoo.

Anitta’s is all “YAY”!

Considering all the aspects and details intrinsically covered, Anitta is supremely happy with the final product.

“I think my eyes are very accurate.”, she sounded pleased.

Anitta’s mom gave her company at the event. Her mom found the wax figure extremely similar, as she said, “My mom made me so she is saying it’s the same”

Anitta is always accompanied by her mother at events which means a lot to Anitta. Therefore, she tagged her mom for this one too.

‘Let’s go.’ She’s super happy to be here. She’s amazed. She can’t believe it.”, Anitta said about bringing her mom.

The Brazillian singer also gave donations to Madame Tussauds except for her jewelry.

She was being coy about the expensive jewelry that the figure wore, and mentioned, “I was like, it’s kind of expensive! But I gave them the rest.”

However, she was convinced with the wax figure was so uniquely astonishing. Despite the absence of her original jewelry on the wax figure, the singer looks splendid.

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