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Amazon Acquires Encrypted Messaging App Wickr for Undisclosed Sum

Wickr, an encrypted communications platform used by state agencies and companies, has been purchased by Amazon’s cloud computing enterprise, stated the firm Friday. The terms and value of the deal is not disclosed yet.

Wickr is a startup founded by some privacy advocates. The startup offers to help develop a technique by which a message self destructs itself. This helps in financial service firms and gaming companies. Established in 2012, Wickr, located in San Francisco, raised a total of $73 million over four investment rounds.

The news comes as Amazon Web Services is looking for additional governmental enterprises. Secondly, in the Pentagon multi-billion-dollar cloud project, AWS is in a lengthy legal struggle with Microsoft. Amazon cloud computing services are used by thousands of government entities.

In a blog written by Stephen Schmidt, vice president and chief information security officer for AWS, explained the importance of secure communication. This is the main reason why there is acceleration on the growth of Wickr in this Covid-19 pandemic. According to Schmidt,

“Wickr’s secure communications solutions help enterprises and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforces and is a welcome addition to the growing set of collaboration and productivity services that AWS offers customers and partners,”

Amazon stated in a statement that it will include Wickr in its web services department (AWS) at Amazon, providing cloud computing and other services. AWS should continuously deliver Wickr services that fulfil certain regulatory standards, including end-to-end encrypted communications.

The news broke after Stephen Schmidt wrote in his blog post. He stated that “We’re excited to share that AWS has acquired Wickr, an innovative company that has developed the industry’s most secure, end-to-end encrypted, communication technology,”

Schmidt added that the features of Wickr give “safety-conscious companies and government agencies the ability to implement key government and security checks that help them meet their compliance requirements,” noting that the company is increasingly in contact with the military and Washington in general. Schmidt is backed up in this compartment himself: he has spent a decade at the FBI as his LinkedIn profile remarks.

After this deal, it would be worth waiting to see the encryption changes that would be brought by AWS. The layman person would not be interested in the deal as such, but the advantages that is brought to him individually. It also boosts opportunities for daily usage, though. Safe messages between platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Telegram are already thriving in the consumer market. The acquisition of Wickr by AWS is a way of assuring that Amazon would provide these chat services directly (Amazon hasn’t announced anything in this regard), but with very little work the firm might join the market.



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