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Amanda Bynes Alleges Fiancé Paul Michael of Using Crack Cocaine

Recently, American actress Amanda Bynes stated on social media that her fiancé Paul Michael has been out of control for a while now and he has stopped taking his meds and has been consuming drugs in secret. Read the article further to learn more about the current situation of the couple.

What did Amanda have to say about her fiancé Paul?

On Thursday, the What A Girl Wants actress took to her Instagram Story to spill the beans on her boyfriend Paul’s situation. She said, “Paul told me that he stopped taking his medications. I looked at his phone and he was looking at mom-and-son porn. He vandalized his mom’s home.”

The 36-year-old further added, “He broke all of her pictures and put salmon under her bed. His behavior’s alarming, and I’m afraid of what he’ll do.” She also stated in her Instagram video that she forgot to mention that she allegedly found ‘Paul’s stash of crack cocaine.’

Bynes concluded by saying, “He’s been using for the past six months. He needs serious help. I kicked him out of my house.” Following all of this, Michael also took to his Instagram and he said that he did not know “what the f–k she’s talking about. Y’all gotta stop talking your s—t. … You guys don’t f–king know anything.”

Amanda’s conservatorship ended in March after 9 years

The She’s The Man star issued a statement to People, that revolved around her conservatorship being terminated after a total of nine years. She said, “In the last several years, I have been working hard to improve my health so that I can live and work independently, and I will continue to prioritize my well-being in this next chapter.”

Bynes continued, “I am excited about my upcoming endeavors — including my fragrance line — and look forward to sharing more when I can.” Her conservatorship got terminated last month on a Tuesday.

After a while, Amanda’s attorney David Esquibias told People that she was looking forward to her future with Paul. He said, “She’s doing very well and looking forward to moving in her property with [fiancé] Paul. They’re actively searching for furniture and she’s excited about all of it.”

David further added, “She’s ecstatic to receive her parents’ full love and support behind her decision to terminate the conservatorship.”

What is the current status of Paul and Bynes?

Bynes’ lawyer David Esquibias told People,” Amanda and Paul had an argument Wednesday evening. Amanda left her home, where Paul has been residing, for her safety before the situation escalated. She was not there when police arrived.”

He continued, “Amanda is now back home and denies Paul’s claims of taking his medication. She remains focused on her well-being.”

Over the last couple of weeks, the duo has dropped two rap songs together. We have one thing to say in this situation and it is All’s Well That Ends Well. We hope that the pair can move forward. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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