Hindu Gods Re-imagined as Hipsters

August 11, 2020 Soni Satpathy-Singh     SketchyDesi

Artwork by Vee Ladwa.

Hipsterdom has become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget that hipsters didn’t always roam the Earth in their ironic glory, stopping only to drink single-origin coffee from their heat-retentive mason jars.

Though these self-grandiose creatures are a fairly recent phenomenon in the history of counter culture, their choice of style-man buns in particular- remind us of early renderings of Hindu gods. Which got us thinking- what would Hindu gods look like if they were hipsters?

There’s so much more to a hipster beyond their iconic and/or ironic man buns. There’s the eye-wear, pricey-but-looks-thrifty graphic tees, and the notorious skinny jeans.

What would Shiva rock? Rama? Would about Krishna?

1. Hipster Shiva

Lord Shiva’s man bun is on fleek, complete with a stream of (purified) Ganges sprouting from it. His graphic tee would, of course, pay homage to weed. The shirt looks grungy, like something that was bought from a flee market for a couple of dollars. In actuality, the tee is $80 and was bought from a Brooklyn artist who hands stamps tees.

Look closely and you’ll notice the debonair tiger skin hanky peeping from the Lord’s man vest. This is because he’s fashionable but on his own terms because, duh, he’s a hipster.  He’s also Lord Shiva, the God who always does everything on his own terms, so there’s that.

His skinny jeans are rolled up to display his loafers from Gucinari.  He’s tatted up and displays mala beads to show he’s other-worldly. And those glasses? They’re not prescription glasses. They’re purely an accessory to demonstrate ambivalence to the world.

2. Hipster Rama

Lord Rama would, of course, be more of the flannel wearing hipster.  He was in the forest long enough that we figure he’d be into that rage against the man lumberjack look hipsters loves to rock. The flannel is from Urban Outfitters of course.

He’d also have a man purse and as a hobby, he’d take up archery because it’s soo not a mainstream hobby to pursue. He would carry his bow and arrow everywhere he goes; even to his local fair trade coffee shop because that’s Hipster Rama, that’s just how he do.

Hipster Rama would also be the type to grow his own vegetables (hence the carrot) and be vegan because all those years in the forest taught him how to grow his own food and be one with animals and ish like that.

3. Hipster Krishna

Finally,  we have Hipster Krishna, our favorite. He’s the saucy self-deprecating hipster who finds his own irony ironic.

He rocks the hipster almost handlebar ‘stach and goatee. His graphic tee is a nod to his love for dairy; milk and butter crafted from a third generation farmer upstate.

Hipster Krishna loves to accessorize. He wears a fanny to collect all ’em numbers from his adoring gopis. His man jewelry is on both hands and lest we not forget the fedora complete with his signature peacock feather.

Everything about Hipster Krishna look tries to communicate “I’m not mainstream.” Oh but you are, Hipster Krishna, you are with that silk scarf you bought from Etsy.

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Soni Satpathy-Singh

As a recipe developer in her days before The Teal Mango, Soni remains devoted to food, particularly Indian food, and more specifically, pav bhaji and chaat.


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