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Roblox is Down AGAIN; Twitter trending with #RobloxDown

Oh yes, twice in the same month!

Roblox, right now, is not working. Let’s ask this, what’s wrong?

According to graphical and chart representations that have been led out by many different websites, more than 240 users are experiencing the problem currently.

roblox down

Here is a graphical chart representing the outage of Roblox in the last 24 hrs.

Let’s jump straight at some of the potential reasons that could be the ”major contributors” to the downfall of Roblox.

Roblox DOWN! Here’s Why!

The official website of Roblox has shared some details wherein they have spoken about the status of the game servers.

Here’s what the developers have to say.

“[Investigating] Various services are having intermittent errors.”

This clearly tells us that the problem has been heard and the Developers know the reason and hence, are doing the best they can to come up with a solution that helps the users.

Twitter is flooding with users’ responses where they are talking all about Roblox and the cause behind it.

For some, it’s a ”technical glitch” whereas for the other bunch it’s because it needs an ”update”.

In the past too, Roblox has undergone multiple failures leading to the disruption of its services.

Previously, the reasons were confirmed by the platform itself.

But this time, they have not led out a word that relates to the platform’s current outage.

Roblox, for the ones who don’t know, is a huge global platform that has more than 43.2 million users. It is mostly referred to as a platform that we a ”game” since people are mostly on it to create their own games.

roblox down

Furthermore, many players are on the platform just to figure out what others are creating.

That’s about it.

#RobloxDown – Twitter is on Fire!

As mentioned earlier, Twitter is going crazy with folks putting out the potential reason of figuring out what went wrong with Roblox today.

Moreover, they are also demanding answers.

Coming up are some tweets from users.

Memes for #Roblox Down

Users are expressing their agitation through memes and posts.

For some, it’s unbelievable, maybe?

Tom and jerry meme to the whole situation needs your ”attention”

Users are being patient while cracking the best memes till they can.


Alerts for a ”down server”

Raging Questions for Roblox Down!

Users are upset and they are going wild to find out the reasons. Here are tweets that surely are “raging”.

All sorts of crazy!

It goes on and on.

Are you concerned about the outage too? Let us know!

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