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OlliOlli World Release Date, Gameplay, and Cost is Here

The latest Indie World Showcase stream ended recently and Nintendo revealed many details about the upcoming games on Switch. One of the highly anticipated games among these is OlliOlli World.

Players all over the world are using multiple names to describe the game and its trailer and the most prominent word being heard is “Rad”. The game is finally bringing back the nostalgia of skating games with its action-packed, stunning visuals and gameplay.

OlliOlli World Features

Roll7 which was recently brought by Take-Two brings the latest OlliOlli game which is a skateboarding platformer. OlliOlli World is the third entry in the OlliOlli Series.

Following are some of the key features of OlliOlli World:

  • Introduction to Radland- Radland is a utopia for skateboarders that is filled with a wide range of characters and locations to explore.
  • Play at your level- The game is newbie friendly and the gameplay is highly refined with light controls to allow even a completely new player to learn fast and do amazing moves.
  • Freedom- The game allows you to have a wide array of customization. You are able to change your character’s looks, tricks, style, and even clothes.

OlliOlli World Gameplay

With its campaign mode, OlliOlli World also offers two asynchronous multiplayer modes:

  • Gnarvana League- this mode makes players with similar skills face off against each other in order to win the highest score. The rewards include new cosmetics for characters.
  • Gnarvana Portal-This mode allows you to create your own level where you can specify the parameters, style, difficulty, and length of the game. Your unique creation will come with a unique code that can be shared with the world in order to enable players to enter each other’s unique level and compete.

You will skate through the lands of Radland which is a world full of radiant and colorful characters while searching for the mystical skate gods. The art style used in the game is highly unique with an inimitable style of art.

OlliOlli World Release Date and Price

The final release date of OlliOlli World has been announced to be February 8, 2022, which was announced in the Indie World Direct event hosted by Nintendo. This release date also came along with a brand new trailer.

If brought via pre-order, the game will be priced at $30. The Rad addition will cost $45, which will contain both expansions. The first expansion is called Void Raiders, and the second expansion will release in Fall 2022 and still does not have more details.

Some rumors say that OlliOlli World will be able to run at 120FPS on PlayStation 5. And the developers also claim that the difficulty of the game has been decreased as compared to previous installments and it is extremely safe and more balanced.

Here’s looking forward to an amazing gameplay!



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