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Lost Ark Patch Notes, Server Downtime, and Updates (March 4)

Lost Ark servers will be taken for 6 hours on March 4 to deploy the latest update, check out the complete patch notes including balance updates, improvements, and bug fixes here. Players will not be able to play the game during the downtime as the servers will be taken offline.

The new update brings a lot of balance changes to different dungeons like the Ancient Elveria and the Phantom Palace. It also fixes some very important bugs present in the widely popular MMORPG title.

Everything you need to know about the latest updates is available below. We will also tell you when the Lost Ark servers will be up again, so you can install the latest patch and continue playing.

Lost Ark Server Downtime & Maintenance Schedule for March 4 Update

Lost Ark servers will go offline on Friday, March 4, 2022, to deploy the latest update. The downtime for maintenance will begin from 10 PM PT (March 3) / 1 AM ET (March 4) / 6 AM GMT (March 4), and will last for 6 hours.

This means that the servers will be back online around 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET / 12 PM GMT on Friday itself. For six hours, players will not be able to log in to the game in any region. The game’s servers will be completely offline.

You can stay connected with us to know about any changes in the specified schedule. Continue reading to find out what the new update will bring to Arkesia.

Lost Ark March 4 Patch Notes: Balance Update, Improvements, and Bug Fixes

The latest Lost Ark update is focused to bring balance to the initial gameplay and make the game enjoyable for new players as it makes it simpler to advance. So, they do not get frustrated and quit it.

However, the developer has also ensured that this doesn’t mean the game will be made easier in the future. The T3 and late-game content will feature unique and challenging mechanics, as expected.

Here are the patch notes covering balance updates, improvements, and bug fixes in the latest Lost Ark update:

Abyssal Dungeons

Ancient Elveria

Necromancer’s Origin

  • Player forgiveness is improved during the orb phase when he tries to defeat Sigmund during Stage 2 of Necromancer’s Origin.
  • Visual effects of Sigmund’s color wave are enhanced to make it clearer.

Phantom Palace

Hall of the Twisted Warlord

  • Introduced a change to the Phantom Legion King attack pattern and Phantom Cut debuff stack that the character applies.
  • Phantom Legion King Illusion Sword summon attack pattern has been updated. With the new update, if a player receives two stacks, they will incur damage while if it reaches three stacks, the player dies.

Hildebrandt Palace

  • The amount of damage needed for the Stagger phase when Ephernia appears in Stage 3 of Hilderbrandt Palace is reduced.
  • Phantom Energy effect range from the Meteormechanic during Stag 3 is expanded.
  • The attack shape of the second Meteormechanic during Stage 3 has been changed from a circle to a front attack.

Gate of Paradise

Sea of Indolence

  • The warning time for the omen attack in Stage 2 of Sea of Indolence is increased.
  • Indolence Sentinel Akam’s attack in Stage 2 of Sea of Indolence is changed from a wipe mechanic to a high damage assault.

Guardian Raids


  • The stun debuff for when players were hit by the tail swing attack has been removed.
  • The damage dealt by the following attacks is reduced- Jumping out of the ice and Grabbing a player & breathing ice fire.


  • The damage dealt by the following attacks has been reduced:
    • Tail attack after thumping the ground with the tail.
    • Jumping out of the ground.
    • Lightning projectiles.

Flame Fox Yoho

  • Flame Fox Yoho’s Flame Ground attack’s duration is decreased.
  • The Buring Soul ability’s effect has been decreased.
  • Flame For Yoho’s HP is also decreased.
  • The damage dealt by the following attack is reduced:
    • Throwing Fox fires.
    • Jump forward and claw attacks.
    • Jump upward and claw attacks.


  • The duration of Tyltalos’ Circle of Spalling rock attack is reduced.
  • Tytalos’ attack that gathers sand energy and explodes has been changed from a wipe mechanic to a high-damage attack.
  • The damage of Tytalos’ earth explosion attack has been reduced.


  • Guardian Achates summon statue pattern has been customized to always summon four Guardian Statues.
  • Nerfed the damage needed to apply Weak Point to Achates.

Lava Chromanium

  • Nerfed the damage that Lava Chromanium’s lava eruption attack deals while becoming Berserk.


  • The damage needed to apply Weak Point to Levanos is decreased.


  • Alberhastic’s beneficial effect that was granted while obtaining the Heat Orb is decreased.
  • Also, the wipe mechanic has been changed to a high damage attack.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

The following Lost Ark bugs and issues have been fixed in the March 4 update:

  • “Battle Effects Display – include buff effects of party members” not showing the debuff affecting party members.
  • The Top left in-game clock shows the wrong time zone due to DST (daylight saving time).
  • An object is interactable during the “Nineveh’s Aura of Chaos” rapport quest chain.
  • Abyss Trader missing from Rothun.
  • Weekly Battle Item Bundle stating it could be claimed 10 times.
  • Players were booted out of the server while logging in.
  • Matchmaking issues.

The latest Lost Ark update will fix some very critical issues that were ruining the otherwise nice gameplay. There are also great balance changes for different elements in the game.

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