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10 Best Elden Ring Shields to Wield Throughout the Journey

Elding Ring features a number of impressive shields that you can wield throughout your journey in the Lands Between. However, finding the perfect one is still a tedious task. We’ll make it simple for you with this list of the 10 best Shields in Elden Ring.

For starters, we have also explained how you can choose and find the right Shield depending upon your style of playing. There is a vast range of Shields divided into small, medium, and greatshields, in this Souls-esque game. Some of them are better than others.

That’s why it is worth knowing which Shield should you use in Elden Ring to ace the boss fights, and complete the game with ease. Although the ultimate decision will be based on your personal choices.

How to choose a Perfect Shield in Elden Ring?

Shields in Elden Ring is a piece of defensive equipment that players can use to protect themselves from attacks of enemies and bosses. They are usually wielded off-hand but you can also use them in both hands. Builds will benefit a lot from the Shield, even when they do not use it much.

Shields can play a different role depending on how you use them. You can use them for blocking, parrying, and even attacking. When selecting the best Elden Ring Shield for your character, you need to keep in mind a few things.

These include the Stat Requirements, Weight, Guard Boost, Damage Reduction of the Shield. Along with this, you should also keep your playstyle in mind, and if you have any personal preferences.

Usually, Light Shields are optimal for parrying, Medium Shields are good for blocking with enhanced stability, and Greatshields are all-rounders but they offer less stability while blocking due to their heavier weights.

10 Best Shields in Elden Ring

Here is a collection of the best Shields in Elden Ring. If you want to make the most out of your defensive equipment, you can pick any of these but also learn to use them wisely. Remember that this list is in no particular order, and all of these are great.

1. Dragonclaw Shield (GreatShield)

Dragonclaw Shield is one of the most attractive Elden Ring Shields. This Greatshield also has sheer strength as it can block some of the strongest attacks in the game. However, obtaining this is a bit complex as you’ll have to kill a Draconic Tree Sentinel.

  • Location: Leyndell, Royal Capital Outskirts
  • Active Skill: Shield Bash

2. Heavy Erdtree (Greatshield)

The Heavy Erdtree is one of the mightiest Greatshields in Elden Ring which also has a useful Active Skill. However, obtaining it is difficult as you’ll have to kill the Tree Sentinel Duo around the Outer Wall Phantom Tree.

  • Location: Altus Plateau
  • Active Skill: Golden Retaliation

3. Visage Shield (Greatshield)

Visage Shield is a cool-looking Greatshield that has the ability to save your character from certain death. However, you will have to invest in Strength in order to wield it. This shield is also able to spray multiple jets of fire from its front.

  • Location: Caelem Ruins
  • Active Skill: Tongues of Fire

4. Brass Shield (Medium Shield)

The Brass Shield is one of the best Medium Shields. It allows your built to retain good speed while also featuring the best Damage Negation stats in its class. The only drawback it has is lacking an Active Skill. You will have to farm Godrick and Raya Lucaria Soldiers to get it.

  • Location: Bridge of Sacrifice
  • Active Skill: No Skill

5. Blue-Gold Kite Shield (Medium Shield)

The Blue-Gold Kite Shield is the perfect shield when you are just getting hold of the game. You can purchase it from the Nomadic Merchant for just 1,000 runes. It offers great blocking and damage negation abilities but lacks agility due to its size. The biggest advantage of this Medium Shield is in parrying attacks.

  • Location: East Limgrave
  • Active Skill: Parry

6. Beast Crest Heater Shield (Medium Shield)

The Beast Crest Heater is another incredible Medium Shield for the early stages of the game. It features an incredible level of Physical Guard while having lower requirements. You can also pair it with any playstyle, and that makes it worthy enough to be on this list.

  • Location: Near Deathtouched Catacombs
  • Active Skill: Parry

7. Carian Knight’s Shield (Medium Shield)

The Carian Knight’s Shield is one of the best Medium shields for magic wielders as it only needs 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity. It also has one of the best Guard Bost stats in the game. However, obtaining it is not easy as only Moongrum Carian Knight drops it.

  • Location: Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Active Skill: No Skill

8. Red Thorn Round Shield (Medium Shield)

The Red Thorn Round Shield is a piece of great defensive equipment if you prefer parrying more than blocking. It is also the default armament for the Samurai and Champion classes. This lightweight shield only needs a Strength stat value of 8 to wield.

  • Location: Nomadic Merchant in Weeping Peninsula
  • Active Skill: Parry

9. Coil Shield (Small Shield)

The Coil Shield is perfect for players who prefer rolling around and dodging attacks, especially the ones who have equipped the Bandit class. This Small Shield is lightweight and doesn’t offer much damage negation, but it is great to make the game challenging.

  • Location: Volcano Cave
  • Active Skill: Viper Bite

10. Jellyfish Shield (Greatshield)

The Jellyfish Shield is the most lightweight Greatshields in Elden Ring featuring a very useful Active Skill. However, it costs 9FP to use it, and you will need a Strength stat value of 20 and a Dexterity stat value of 14 to use it.

  • Location: North of Foot of the Four Belfries on a Corpse surrounded by Jellyfishes
  • Active Skill: Contagious Fury

All Shields in Elden Ring and Their Location

The best part is that Elden Ring isn’t limited to only the 10 best Shields mentioned above. There are more of them available and they offer unique twists to the gameplay. Considering the open-world style of the game, you can switch between multiple shields depending upon the scenario.

Here is a compilation of all Elden Ring Shields, along with their Active Skill and Location.

Small Shields

Shield Active Skill Location
Blue-White Wooden Shield No Skill Raya Lucaria Academy
Buckler Buckler Parry Stormveil Castle
Ice Crest Shield No Skill Caria Manor
Iron Roundshield No Skill Coastal Cave
Gilded Iron Shield Parry Church of Pilgrimage
Rickety Shield Parry Dropped by Demi-Humans
Rift Shield Parry Bellum Church
Riveted Wooden Shield Parry Mistwood Ruins
Scripture Wooden Shield Parry Tombsward Catacombs

Medium Shields

Shield Active Skill Location
Banished Knight’s Shield No Skill Castle Sol
Blue Crest Heater Shield Parry Bellum Church
Blue-Gold Kite Shield Parry Mistwood Ruins
Brass Shield No Skill Bridge of Sacrifice
Candletree Wooden Shield Parry Sage’s Cave
Carian Knight’s Shield No Skill Dropped by Moongrum
Flame Crest Wooden Shield Parry Ailing Village
Great Turtle Shell Barricade Shield Castle Morne Rampart
Hawk Crest Wooden Shield Parry Stormveil Castle
Heater Shield Parry Roundtable Hold
Inverted Hawk Heater Shield Parry Siofra River Bank
Kite Shield No Skill Liurnia Lake Shore
Horse Crest Wooden Shield No Skill Murkwater Cave
Large Leather Shield Parry Church of Elleh
Marred Leather Shield No Skill Stormveil Castle
Red Crest Heater Shield Parry Forest-Spanning Greatbridge
Red Thorn Roundshield Parry Castle Morne Rampart
Round Shield Parry Castle Morne Rampart
Scorpion Kite Shield Parry Forest-Spanning Greatbridge


Shield Active Skill Location
Crossed-Tree Towershield Shield Bash Forest-Spanning Greatbridge
Distinguished Greatshield No Skill Altus Plateau
Dragonclaw Shield Shield Bash Leyndell, Royal  Capital
Golden Greatshield No Skill Altus Plateau
Heavy Erdtree Golden Retaliation Altus Plateau
Jellyfish Shield Contagious Fury Foot of the Four Belfries
One-Eyed Shield Flame Spit Near Whiteridge Road
Spiked Palisade Shield Shield Bash Deep Siofra Well
Wooden Greatshield No Skill Stormveil Castle

Now you know which are the best Shields in Elden Ring. Have you tried any other Shield that you find worth mentioning in the list above? Let us all know using the comment box.

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