Thanks to legal action from Starbucks, a three-year-old New Delhi-based coffee chain will soon be changing its name.

The coffee shops that had been known as SardarBuksh will now be called Sardarji-Baksh, reports Quartz India. The move comes after the Seattle coffee giant took SardarBuksh to court in July and claimed its name was “deceptively similar” to the famous chain’s.

The Delhi High Court heard the case last month. SardarBuksh’s coffee, shakes and snacks are much less expensive than those found in Indian Starbucks locations and Starbucks alleged that the smaller company’s logo was also very close to its own.

“Our name rhymed with Starbucks which is why the court has ruled (on Thursday) in their favor,” SardarBuksh co-founder Sanmeet Singh Kalra told AFP.

While SardarBuksh’s logo will remain unchanged for now, the company did agree to change the names of all 25 of its locations over the next two months. Three of the company’s stores have already been updated with the new Sardarji-Bakhsh name.

One branding expert noted to the AFP that many company founders that imitate the names of well-known American brands know legal action will soon follow.

“Such imitators have limited ambition and they enjoy their moment of limelight of having ambushed an iconic brand in India,” branding consultant Harish Bijoor told AFP.


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