Age is just a number and 102-year-old Man Kaur is proof!

The Sikh athlete from Chandigarh, India, just won another world championship medal for the 200-meter race while participating at the World Masters Athletics Championship. This great-grandmother is still #LifeGoals.

“I will continue to run and take part in competitions as long as I can,” Kaur told the Press Trust of India in an interview. “It gives me a lot of happiness when I run. I believe that age is no bar to chase and realize your dreams.”

Kaur was joined by 8,000 athletes from more than 100 countries to compete in the Championship games held in Malaga, Spain. Kaur managed to finish the 200-meter race in 3 minutes and 14 seconds and also participated in the javelin contest and won a gold medal.

Kaur is a busy woman. Last year, she won a gold medal for her 81-second 100-meter dash at the Master Games in Canada. Since Kaur started running in tournaments in 2009, she has won 32 gold medals, She’s also competed and won several games at the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand last year as well. She hopes to participate in the 2021 World Masters Games in Japan soon.

She spends most of the day in training, spending time with family and cooking. How does this superwoman stay fit at 102?

She exercises often running between 30 to 200 meters daily. She also has a strict food regimen and avoids all junk food. Her meals include dishes like lentils, nuts, boiled vegetables, and chapati. She only drinks soy milk, kefir, and fresh juices. She also avoids all fried foods to stay healthy.

Born before the independence of India in 1916, Kaur grew up in the then kingdom of Patiala. Kaur recalls being a naughty child who didn’t like going to school, she preferred to play or work. She remembers selling drawstrings for pajamas and neem tree branches as natural toothbrushes.

She worked as a nanny for one of Patiala’s queens in the 1930s. She later married in 1934 and had 3 children. She later worked as a cook for some of the many queens of Patiala.

Now, Kaur has nine grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. Kaur’s second child Gurdev Singh is also a competitive runner. At the age of 80, Singh has obtained over 80 medals since 1992 competing at the master level. He is actually the one to encourage his mother to take up running and participate in competitions. With his mom being so healthy, Singh thought she had real potential as a champion. Singh is also his mother’s coach and biggest cheerleader.

Kaur is still on the run, literally! At age 102, this talented athlete teaches us that you are never too old to follow your passions.


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