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10 Health Benefits of Having Green Tea at Morning

We always need to live a healthy life to have a better tomorrow. Well, most of us start our day with a cup of coffee. However, little do we all know that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages which our body needs. Green tea is considered the most beneficial as it is the least oxidized tea type when processed. As such, it is much needed that we start our day with a cup of green tea.

Speaking about the health benefits of green tea, we have a bunch of them. Green tea comes packed with antioxidants and nutrients which are really good for our mind as well as body.

Here we are going to list 10 health benefits that we can have by drinking green tea daily morning.

10 Health Benefits of Having Green Tea at Morning

1. Green Tea Reduces Cholesterol

Green consumption is said to reduce cholesterol levels in the body, thanks to its antioxidants. As per research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea intake reduces total cholesterol which includes LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood to 2.19 mg/dL notably. Also, it is interesting to know that green tea had no impact on HDL (good cholesterol).

2. Prevents Cavities and Tooth Decay

Intake of green tea helps in preventing cavities and tooth decay, thanks to its bioactive compounds packed with antibacterial properties which prevent bacteria and acid production.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

For those who are dealing with extra weight issues around their waist and tummy, green tea intake can help in shedding those extra pounds. With Green tea consumption, one can get rid of that extra fat in the body.

4. Green tea is good for Skin

Green tea consumption can keep you away from early signs of aging. Green tea contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for your skin.

5. Green tea helps in preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

With the rising cases of type 2 diabetes, some natural way to prevent it is needed. Regular intake of green tea helps in reducing insulin sensitivity along with lowering blood sugar levels which increases the chance of being a diabetic victim.

6. Green tea helps in fighting certain types of Cancer

We all know how serious cancer sounds to even hear the name. Green tea consumption can help in fighting certain types of cancers like cancer-related to the kidney, stomach, mouth, pancreas, and mammary glands.

7. Green tea strengthens Bones

According to some studies, green tea intake can help in stimulating mineralization thereby generating bone formation. Bones get strengthened by having green tea which can be helpful against osteoporosis.

8.Green tea helps in Burning Fat

Green tea increases fat burning which adds to better blood flow. With this, the pumping of your heart would happen at a normal rate thereby your body system would also function normally.

9. Green tea improves brain functioning

Green tea contains caffeine which helps in feeling more energetic and also in improving the functioning of the brain along with productivity and mood.

10. Green tea works against Inflammation

Green tea has flavonoids that help against inflammation in the body. Green tea also comes packed with antibacterial, antifungal,/ and antiviral properties thereby fighting against inflammation.

So, if you did not have green tea all these days, start having your cup of green immediately!

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