Bollywood powerhouses Priyanka Chopra and Madhuri Dixit Nene are working together to bring us our next favorite comedy show. Chopra, Dixit Nene, and her husband Shriram Nene are producing a sitcom for ABC. Check it: the show is about a Bollywood actress who moves to the American suburbs and her colorful, bigger than life personality infuses sparkle to an otherwise dull neighborhood unaware of her super-stardom. Ring a bell?

Bollywood fans know that Dixit Nene moved from India to Colorado and lived there from 2002-2007 with her husband and children. Dixit Nene and her family lived in a Denver neighborhood amongst neighbors who weren’t aware of her megastar power in India. The show will be about her time in the U.S. and how she navigated a life that, quite frankly, sounds like a made for TV series! To lend it a very real-life tone, it will be shot with a single cam approach.

South Asians, specifically actors, are ecstatic right now because someone they grew up idolizing in Bollywood is crossing over to mainstream Hollywood culture. It’s also a chance for South Asian-American actors such as myself (ahem) to have a chance to audition for a show with brown people. Rather I should say notable brown people!

Sri Rao, a well-known writer who has written for shows like “General Hospital” will also produce the sitcom. The Mark Gordon Company (MGC) has come on board to help co-produce. MGC’s work includes “Quantico,” “Ray Donovan,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Criminal Minds.”

No new details have surfaced of when production begins. Dixit Nene will be at the helm as Executive Producer with Chopra as the series developer. Though we don’t wish to jinx the series, we’re pretty confident this sitcom will be successful with so many talented people on board.





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