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Who was Tony Hughes? The Heart-Wrenching Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim

Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, based on the gruesome murders by the notorious serial killer, has again opened some old wounds. While the killings have been represented on screen time and again, what makes the limited series special is that it is told from the victims’ point of view, covering their life stories.

One of the episodes, which is being particularly lauded by the audience, is the sixth episode, ‘Silenced’, which features the story of Tony Hughes, a deaf and mute victim of Jeffrey Dahmer. Like the majority of the sufferers, Hughes was also a gay black man. Here is everything you need to know about the poor soul.

Who was Tony Hughes?

As per FBI records, Anthony Hughes was born on August 26, 1959, in Madison, Wisconsin. He was born mute, and some unidentified medicines given to him as a child made him lose his hearing ability as well.

Tony’s mother, Shirley Hughes, described him as an ‘outgoing and happy’ person who could make friends easily. After graduating from the Wisconsin school for the deaf, he attended college in Madison, where he also pursued a modeling career. 

As per the Netflix series, Hughes was finding it difficult to get a job after graduating college due to his disability but finally got to work in a clothing store.

Hughes Met Dahmer at a Gay Bar

Tony was visiting his family in Madison when he went to a gay bar, Club 219 in Milwaukee, on May 24, 1991, where he met Dahmer. The psycho killer used to meet most of his victims in the same bar before luring them to his apartment. Some witnesses have also stated that Hughes had known Dahmer for a year before the fateful day.

Shirley told The Associated Press at the time that she knew nothing about the friend her son was meeting in Milwaukee, apart from his name: Jeffrey. After picking Hughes up from the bar, Dahmer took him to his apartment, where he drugged him before dismembering his body.

Tony’s Remains were Found in Dahmer’s Apartment Two Months Later

Tony’s remains were discovered by the authorities at Dahmer’s apartment about two months after he was murdered. The officials found his skull, along with other body parts, and the remains of a few other victims.

Tony was identified by his dental records, and his family was notified about his death in early July. When the remains were found, his sister, Barbara Hughes-Holt, told the press, “It’s scary. Just fearing that one of those bodies could be my brother is real scary.”

A year later, Shirley Hughes talked to the media about everything her family went through and said, “When it happened, I thought I was about to lose my mind. Until then, I was praying and asking the Lord to show me where my son actually was. I just had to know whether he was alive or not. It still hurts me when I think of the way he died.”

Post Tony’s death, Shirley attended Dahmer’s trial with the families of other victims. They were all a part of a nonprofit organization, Career Youth Development Inc., which worked for families who lost their loved ones to violence.

Although it has been years since the tragedy, the way in which the innocent victim was targeted by the serial murderer still sends chills down everyone’s spine.




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