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Where Does Vladmir Putin Live? Here’s A Look At The President Of Russia’s ‘Secret Mansion’

Russia has now accused Ukraine of attempting to kill President Vladimir Putin. The country claimed it shot down two drones used in the alleged attack. As speculations for a further escalation in war continue to grow, Putin’s security has become a significant concern for his followers, igniting curiosity among people about where exactly the President of Russia resides.

While The Grand Kremlin Palace, which was also the official residence of the Supreme Power of Russia in the 13th century, continued to serve as Putin’s official residence since 1991, reports suggest that Putin is living in a secret “luxurious” mansion with his rumored girlfriend.

Where Does Putin Live With His “Secret” Girlfriend?

Vladimir Putin has continued to remain in the limelight for years for all wrong reasons. From imposing staunch policies, effective the very own people of Russia, to calling for an invasion of Ukraine, the president has become one against the world.

As recent claims suggest Ukraine’s attempt to assassinate the 70-year-old politician, people are interested in knowing where exactly Putin resides. Even though Vladimir Putin’s official residence has continued to be The Grand Kremlin Palace since 1991, the president is reportedly living in a secret, “luxurious” mansion with his 39-year-old girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva.

The alleged secret mansion was brought by the former Prime Minister of Russia for a whopping $120 million for Kabaeva following his divorce from his ex-wife, Lyudmila Ocheretnaya, with whom Putin was married from 1983-2014.

Reports suggest that the 13,000 square feet villa was built entirely of wood in the style of a Russian datcha. Per photographs that were circulated on social media, it has come out that Putin’s bedroom is rather traditional, equipped with a gold chair around a glass table and a spherical chandelier, with golden leaves hanging from its high ceiling. The luxurious villa is located between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Controversy Behind The Property

The secret mansion is reportedly occupied by Vladimir Putin, his 39-year-old girlfriend, and Putin’s children. Some female relatives of Kabaeva have also been spotted at the property. If you don’t know this, in 2021, Alexei Navalny, the prisoned opposition leader claimed that Putin used budget funds to build the property.

Alina Kabaeva, who is a former gymnast and Olympic rhythmic champion, has continued to deny any relationship with Putin. On the contrary, some anonymous officials who attended the President’s parties quoted that they had never seen the two together but they have “no doubt that they have a relationship.”

But again, after his divorce from the former lady of Russia, Putin appointed Alina Kabaeva to lead Russia’s National Media Group in 2014. She draws an annual income of over £8.6 million from this designation.

Putin’s Palace

Apart from the secret mansion, Putin also owns some of the most exquisite properties in Russia, including Putin’s Palace, designed by Italy’s Lanfranco Cirillo, who is Putin’s personal favorite. The luxurious palace is located on land that is 39 times the size of Monaco and is built off the Black Sea.

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