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The Real Reason Why Kakashi Killed Rin Nohara in Naruto

Naruto provides some fascinating plot holes and backstories that have kept the show intriguing. Certainly, Rin Nohara’s death was one of these. Seeing Kakashi Hatake piercing Rin’s heart was one of the craziest moments in Naruto. However, the reality was completely different from what Episode 345 offered. Wondering Why Kakashi Killed Rin? We’re here to clear all doubts regarding this dilemma.

Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara were a part of Team Minato along with Obito Uchiha. Though their group was strong, a certain occurrence led to Obito’s presumed death. However, Madara Uchiha had saved him through Zetsu’s powers. Ultimately, Obito healed himself and headed back to be with his old friends. Upon reaching, Obito was left in disarray as he saw his friend Kakashi killing Rin whom Obito loved.

The Real Reason Kakashi Killed Rin

Firstly, let’s make this clear. Kakashi Hatake didn’t kill Rin since it was Rin that killed herself to protect her village. Undoubtedly, this raises more questions regarding her death. So here’s what the show finally revealed about Rin Nohara’s death.

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During the 3rd Great Ninja War, The Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village) ANBU had planted the three-tailed beast Isobu inside Rin Nohara. Their plan was to release the beast after Rin would have reached her village- Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Village). However, Rin got a gist of this plan and wanted to protect the village she loved.

Nonetheless, the only possible way to ruin Kirigakure ANBU’s plan was to either extract the tailed beast or to kill herself. Since she didn’t have enough time or the knowledge to extract the beast, killing herself was the only choice left. Although she tried to kill herself, she couldn’t and asked Kakashi for his assistance.

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If it would’ve been the Kakashi which only followed the rules, he might’ve considered it. Regardless, Obito’s death had changed Kakashi and he completely denied Rin’s request. While fighting the Kirigakure ANBU, Kakashi used his ultimate move Chidori which focuses chakra at the tip of one’s hand producing immense lightning and enough force to pierce anything.

Since Rin wasn’t able to kill herself, she hid inside the mist where Kakashi was fighting the Kirigakure ANBU. Lastly, Rin came in the way of Kakashi’s Chidori killing herself. On the one hand, Rin was happy that she saved Kakashi and her village. On the other hand, Kakashi was extremely sad and depressed after killing herself.

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The Aftermath of Rin’s Death

Truly said, even a small event could lead to massive destruction. Initially, Rin’s death put a massive dent in Kakashi Hatake’s mental health. Not only did Kakashi fall into depression, but he also suffered PTSD throughout his childhood. He often questioned himself, however, he accepted everything over time.

Knowing that his friends are in danger, Obito ran off to save them against the Kirigakure ANBU. However, he found Kakashi killing Rin and snapped. Kakashi fainted right after Rin’s death.

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On the other hand, Obito solely massacred the whole Kirigakure army with his newly found powers. His vengeance ultimately led to the 4th Great Ninja World. Later, the following chapters revealed that Madara Uchiha had planned all the events beforehand.

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