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10 Simple Tips on How to Read Faster

We are here today to share with you few ways on how to read faster. Wondering that there can be ways using which we can read faster?

Well, don’t be surprised to know that there are a number of ways/techniques which can actually help you in increasing your reading skills.

Almost everyone finds the need of being able to read faster which is indeed a very important skill and is much helpful to those who had to read a lot of stuff on a daily basis like students, editors, those in the teaching field, reading enthusiasts, etc.

Here are 10 Effective Ways on How to Read Faster

Are you one of those who want to improve your speed of reading? Well, there are a few tips and tricks which can help you in reading faster. And keep in mind that one has to practice these ways on a regular basis for speed reading.

Benefits of Reading Faster (Speed Reading)

Speed reading not just saves your time but also challenges your brains to perform the tasks at a higher level by improving the other areas of the brain.

One who can read faster can even reduce the time needed to read and understand the content. Speed reading also helps in stopping the vocalization of words while reading, improving comprehension as well as concentrating on the text.

Check out the ways to improve your reading speed

We are sharing 10 simple yet effective ways using which your reading speed would certainly improve.

Check them out right away!

1. Give a start by reading simple and interesting content

This is the basic way to get into speeding up your reading skills. When you start reading simple content which you are interested in, your reading ability will start improving naturally.

You can opt to read a book of your choice or something like a memoir of your favorite celebrity. If you try to start with some complex or intense topics, you might feel like giving it up at the start itself.

Later you can anyway get into reading some dense subject/ books thereby helping in improving your reading skills.

2. Read for longer periods of time to improve your focus.

Well, when you are in the initial stages of reading, it usually takes some time to adjust and get into the rhythm of reading.

As such, it is needed for you to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes at a go which might help your brain in adjustment so as to focus on reading. However, as and when needed, one can definitely take breaks while reading.

By practicing this way of reading, one can improve focus which further adds in reading faster.

3. Practice reading Every day a little

Well, anyone cannot become a proficient reader overnight!

Hence, one has to take out time and practice reading a little on a daily basis. It is not necessary that you spend loads of time; just 15-20 minutes of regular reading would serve the purpose of increasing your reading speed over a period of time.

4. Be patient and Track your reading speed

One has to keep in mind that improving your reading speed would definitely take some time as you are trying to read in a completely different way now. So, it is suggested to have patience while trying to practice different ways of reading faster.

The best thing that can be done is to track the reading speed on a regular basis. For this, one can set a timer to make a count of the words being read per minute. So, every time you set a timer, try to beat your previous count of words read by making it go higher which is possible by practicing more reading.

5. Set the Right atmosphere to read

This is one of the most important ways that would help you in reading faster. Make sure to have the right atmosphere around you while you are reading.

Select your reading spot such that you can stay away from distractions and interruptions. Also, make sure to choose a peaceful environment for reading to minimize external noises of TV, music, or anything else.

Set the atmosphere which suits the best for reading, like if you prefer some soothing music while reading, even that can be tried.

Above all, don’t let your mind wander here and there so as to focus while reading. A focused way of reading would help you in understanding the content soon and thus saves your time by not having to read the text again.

6. Avoid Subvocalization (Speaking the words in your head)

Subvocalization is speaking the words in your head while reading. It is a common trait found among readers who usually say the words in their head or move their lips while reading.

And this is one big hindrance that keeps you away from being able to read faster as it brings down your reading speed.

So, try to keep this subvocalization away while reading to drastically improve your reading speed. This can be initially a little hard but can be done over a period of time.

7. Avoid reading Every word

Another important way to read faster is to avoid reading word by word. Move your eyes through the text so as to read a chunk of words at a go.

This is because reading every word of the text slows down your reading ability. Try to focus on the first and last words of a part of the text or few words at a go which will also give you the meaning by reading just around half the number of words.

8. Set a reading Goal for yourself

Set a goal for yourself when reading. You can set a goal for a day, a week, or any other time frame such that you need to read a certain number of pages or part of the book.

Make sure you follow it strictly so to increase your reading ability. You can even treat yourself on achieving the goal!

9. Preview the text before reading

Having a preview of the text before reading helps you in getting some idea about the text. To preview the text, one can simply look at the text in bold/italic/large fonts, headings, subheadings. This will give you the most understanding of the text.

With this, you can even decide whether it is worth continuing reading or not. This saves a lot of your reading time.

10. Read more and more

Going by a very famous saying, “Excellence is not an art. It is the habit of practice,” one can excel in whatever they do by practicing again and again.

Last but not the least, to excel in your skill of reading faster, make it a habit to read more and more. By doing so, your reading speed will be at its best.

So, try out these ways in case you want to read faster!

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