An anti-Muslim propaganda, Punish A Muslim Day, was forcibly shoved on the world. In late March, residents and even a few businesses in the U.K. started receiving letters calling for April 3 to be a day of violence against Muslims, mapping out a horrid point system for different actions, ranging from verbal abuse to pulling off a Muslim woman’s headscarf to actually butchering a person.

Police stepped up security, especially at the mosques across Britain, and launched an investigation in the U.K. and even in the U.S. as the idea of this #PunishAMuslim day spread further. For British-Muslims, who are already experience enough hate crimes to last a lifetime, they were forced to take precautionary measures for their own safety. They were left wondering whether or not they should step out of their houses on the day, not knowing what form of violence waited for them. Many took to social media to express concern.

The question remains: who began this entire ordeal and what are lawmakers doing to curb hate crimes? Bigotry and hatred towards Muslims is unfortunately not uncommon and something like this is just perpetuating the racism that is so rampant in our society. Concrete steps need to be taken to ensure those who began this are caught and punished so it doesn’t happen again. Now that April 3 has gone by, it doesn’t mean we should forget this happened.

Comedian and actor Hasan Minhaj appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” where he is a correspondent, to talk about Punish A Muslim Day in his trademark comedy style.

In solidarity to the Muslim community and opposing the #PunishAMuslimDay hashtag, the campaign #LoveAMuslimDay began trending, as well.

Not only did Muslims all over stand up in support of one another, people from different backgrounds and religions made sure to rally behind their brothers and sisters. Nearly 100 people formed a human chain outside a mosque in Newcastle to fight the Islamophobic message of Punish A Muslim Day.

It’s unfathomable to think of just how much hate Muslims have to face every single day. However, this proves that in the face of hateful hashtags and movements, there will always be equal or even bigger and powerful movements to combat the hate.


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