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Zendaya Debunks Pregnancy Rumors Trending on Twitter over TikTok Prank

Not long ago, the social media platform Twitter was filled with the pregnancy rumors of the Spider-Man: No Way Home star Zendaya. Now, the American actress has broken her silence and addressed the elephant in the room.

Zendaya shuts down the pregnancy rumors on Instagram

On Sunday, the 25-year-old took to her Instagram to clear the air about the pregnancy rumors going around in circles and she set record straight once and for all.

The Greatest Showman alum issued a statement on the social networking service Instagram regarding the whole matter. She wrote, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter,” on her Instagram Story.

Zendaya went on to say, “Just making stuff up for no reason weekly.” In a separate story, she further added, “Anyway back to filming…Challengers.” For those of you who are unaware, Challengers is an upcoming romantic drama film she has been shooting with The Crown‘s Josh O’Connor and West Side Story‘ Mike Faist.

When did the pregnancy rumors about Zendaya start?

Over the last couple of days, a few videos went viral on the video-sharing platform TikTok. In one of the videos, it seemed like the Dune actor is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Tom Holland.

To admit that it’s a prank, the users ended the videos with a growing “Krissed” meme, featuring an image of the former Keeping Up The Kardashians star Kris Jenner.

In a prank video shared by a user, we could see a photoshopped pic of Zendaya with a baby bump, walking with Holland, and it was simply captioned,  “WAIT SINCE WHEN WAS ZENDAYA PREGNANT.” The caption notes the clip is a “#joke.”

Another user named Ryan Roberts shared a video that displays the poster pretending to gasp at the image of a sonogram of a fetus about 20 weeks old, put on a screenshot of a real Instagram post that Zendaya shared on January 30. It also included a promo of Euphoria. The caption read, “I love you. Halfway there [heart emoji].”

The fans’ reaction to Zendaya’s pregnancy rumors

One user wrote, “zendaya, tom & their pr teams after logging on to twitter to see that “zendaya pregnant” is trending:”

Another user wrote, “Zendaya trying to gaslight me to think she’s not pregnant cause she don’t wanna hurt my feelings is insane.”

Followed by a user who penned, “imagine the amount of “are you actually pregnant” or “omg Zendaya Pregnant is trending on twitter” texts Zendaya got. I just know she’s tired of your dumb asses.”

One user tweeted, Ok can people leave @Zendaya alone like FFR! I mean if she WAS pregnant with @TomHolland1996 baby she would tell us on her OWN terms! These prank videos are just wrong. Pregnancy is no joke. ESPECIALLY to the people who can’t have kids like ever.

Another user wrote, “To those who were saying Zendaya was pregnant, knowing that it was completely false, you’re disgusting and spreading lies like that is unacceptable! Just because Zendaya is famous doesn’t mean you can do that! She’s a human being!”

These were a few reactions of the fans to the news of Zendaya being pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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