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Where and How To Watch Jirisan Episodes Online?

Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon feature in the upcoming South Korean television series Jirisan. It is headlined ‘tvN’s 15th Anniversary Special Drama’ and is nicknamed after the namesake mountain in South Korea. Director Lee Eung-bok and writer Kim Eun-hee cooperated on Jirisan.

The story of Jirisan was based on Kim Eun-hee’s discussions with national park staff. Can you imagine? Just a discussion is leading to an amazing series. Kim said in an interview, “When I wrote Jirisan at the beginning, it didn’t focus on rangers. I was more interested in stories about mountaineers. However, I was more intrigued about their work after interviewing them.”

Jirisan Official Release Date

Of course, we have exciting news for the viewers. The official date has been out and the series will consist of a total of 16 episodes. The release date for this upcoming amazing drama is pretty near. Actually too close, the series first episode is releasing on 23rd October 2021, Saturday. Pretty exciting!

How To Watch Jirisan Online?

On October 23, 2021, it will premiere on tvN and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00. (KST). Except in South Korea and China, iQIYI has secured the rights to broadcast the series for streaming on the platform for international viewers.

You can stream all episodes of Jirisan with English Subtitles on iQIYI.

Jirisan promises several levels of plot components to keep viewers engaged, and we’re in for a lot of surprises, so be ready for every Saturday and Sunday premiere. International viewers will have to watch Jirisan on a streaming platform, as Korean people can watch it on cable television.

How to Watch Jirisan Episode 1 on Mobile?

You can download the App of iQIYI to watch JIRISAN on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free on Both Apple and Android Devices.

Jirisan Synopsis

The popularity of Korean dramas is such that viewers are eager to find out what will happen next. We can, however, provide a synopsis of this fantastic series. Set against the backdrop of Mount Jiri’s towering landscapes, it depicts the narrative of Jirisan National Park rangers and other staff who attempt to rescue survivors and missing trekkers by climbing into the mountain’s strange and uncharted parts.

The secrecy surrounding the mountain’s frequent visitors, both those who come to kill and those who come to end their lives, is at the center of the drama. The narrative aspect adds suspense, intensity, and jaw-dropping circumstances to the story. With decades work expertise and determination, Seo Yi-kang (Jun) is the mountain’s top ranger.

Jirisan Clips Reveal: Surprises

Given that the series will be released in a few hours, how about some incredible clips? It will, however, pique your curiosity, and you will enjoy it. Take a look at it below.

Jirisan Sneak Peek –

Ready for a character teaser? Watch it below!

Yi-Gang Character Teaser :

Hyun-Jo Character Teaser :

A 8-minute clip was released on the streaming platform’s YouTube channel, titled as ‘Someone must remember the story of those who protect the mount’.

We also have an official trailer of Jirisan!

Want to have a behind-the-scenes look? Come on, watch this as well!


As stated before, episode 1 is releasing on 23rd October, 2021. We’ve an episode 1 preview! Yes, we actually do! Watch it below :

Jirisan Lead Character’s

These upcoming series’ characters are incredible, and fans can’t wait to see them. Let’s understand a little more about their roles!

  • Jun Ji-hyun – Seo Yi-kang : 

She is the park’s top ranger, nicknamed ‘Mountain Ghost God’ and ‘Devil Seo’ by her coworkers for her instinctual knowledge of how to negotiate the mountain routes.

Her experience has equipped her with the ability to locate a lost hiker using only a single leaf or blade of grass. Despite this, she finds the mountain to be a despicable place, and she had wished to escape, but she stayed for her grandma.

  • Ju Ji-hoon – Kang Hyun-jo :

A graduate of the military academy who had held the rank of captain. He has a dark secret that he can’t reveal to anyone. He began to experience confusing images of fatalities happening on Mount Jiri after witnessing an incident on the mountain.

Well, he becomes a ranger because he believes the mountain is pleading with him to save them. As he journeys through the mountains with senior ranger Yi-kang, the two become powerful allies, entrusting each other with their life. Later, he discovers something horrific concealed in Mount Jiri, and his perspective of the lovely mountains and the people who live there begins to shift.

So, everything is prepared for October 23rd, 2021! We hope everything is clear now, and you know every little detail, along with a lot of other stuff.

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