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What Happened To Nicola Bulle? Here Are The Latest Developments In Her ‘Dissapearance’

Nicola Bulle’s disappearance from Lancashire has grabbed the attention of the international press. The mum-of-two, who went missing on January 27, 2023, left behind several vile theories as police authorities continue to investigate this case. Her family feels like they’re “stuck in a nightmare”.

Nicola Bulle was last seen walking her dog on the fields near the River Wyre. Even though the Lancashire police are “fully open” to new evidence and information, they’re convinced that she fell in the river. So what happened to this 45-year-old lady? Let’s explore this mystery together.

Nicola Bulle, The Missing Mom…

Nicola Bulley is a mortgage advisor who has resided in Lancashire for almost 25 years. She has two daughters, aged six and nine. Her partner’s name is Paul Ansell and she is the daughter of Dot and Ernie. She also has a sister named Louis Cunningham. Presently, police authorities, including her family members are tirelessly searching for the missing woman.

The day of January 27, 2023, was another usual day in the life of Nicola Bulle, a mum-of-two from Lancashire. As she strolled along with her spaniel, Willow on the fields near River Wyre, little did she know what was about to come next! The 5’3 white woman with light-brown shoulder-length hair was wearing a long, knee-length black quilted gilet with a hood along with a waist-length coat on the day she went missing.

A 10-Minute Window Disappearance!

Nicola first appeared on the doorbell camera on the day she disappeared. According to the CCTV, she was seen opening the boot of her family car and putting her dog, Willow in the back. Per the latest statement released by authorities on Tuesday (Feb 7), Superintendent Sally Riley added in a press conference that she dropped her children at school and went walking Willow along a path by the River Wyre near the village of St. Michael’s.

She walked towards the gate and bench on the lower field at around 8:43 and was seen by another dog walker in the same place at around 8:47. An email was sent to her boss from her phone at 8:53 am along with a message to a friend at 8:59 am.

Not only this, but she even logged into a Teams call at 9:01 am and stayed logged in until 9:30 am. Another witness revealed that he saw her on the upper field around this time. Her phone was discovered on a bench at approximately 9.33 am, but Nicola couldn’t be traced anywhere.

Police authorities believe that she went missing in a “10-minute window” after this. Detectives have already analysed data from her Fitbit and her search has been extended to the sea. In the press conference, Supt Sally Riley said “thousands of pieces of information had been received from members of the public, with a team of 40 detectives working on the case”.

She said: “This is normal in a missing person inquiry and does not indicate that there is any suspicious element to this story. The inquiry team remains fully open-minded to any information that may indicate where Nicola is or what happened to her.” However, authorities still believe that she drowned in the river.

A search expert referred to this case as the most unusual case in his 20-year career. Peter Faulding, who has led a team of underwater experts, said: “I would expect to find Nicola in the water right in front of the bench where she went down. This is so strange.”

Family & Friends Condemn Vile Theories…

Nicola’s partner Paul Ansell thanked Peter Faulding from Specialist Group International for his support in the investigation. He also filed a fresh appeal for information, stating that her children miss their mom badly. Paul, along with his family, is looking for so many unanswered questions in the sudden disappearance of Nicola.

As police continue their investigation, several vile theories have stemmed across social media. From discussing the family’s finances to relationships, many people have come up with ‘vile’ theories alongside her pictures. Following this, a Lancashire Police statement said condemned the hurtful comments in the case.

“The speculation and abuse on social media aimed at some people who are merely assisting our inquiry on social media are totally unacceptable. We would urge people to remember that we are investigating the disappearance of Nicola, and the priority is Nicola and her family. We want to find her and provide answers to her family, the statement reads.

Did Nicola Drown In The River?

On what the detectives and people think about Nicola’s disappearance, her friend Ann wrote on Facebook that “inappropriate comments” online had been causing “hurt and distress”. She added that Ms Bulley was an “incredibly strong swimmer”, and that “she had not taken a ball out on dog walks for a while and would always remove the dog’s harness at the gate”.

Now, if we go by the “drowning” theory, the chances of her survival are pretty slim. Moreover, the rescue team hasn’t found any trace of her body.  Supt Sally Riley, of Lancashire Police, revealed that officers found “no evidence of a slip or fall” near the bench where Nicola’s mobile phone was found but added that it isn’t necessary that falling from a sheer riverbank may leave a trace. 

Per the latest reports, it has come out that search specialist, Peter Faulding does not think she fell into the river. Luke Sumner, Bulley’s friend, revealed that their family and friends were “clinging to any sort of hope”. After going through whatever data is available on this case, I think that it may be a case of kidnapping & murder because her phone wasn’t taken away.

It is possible that someone may have made it look like a “drowning case” but again, that’s just speculation. On the other hand, it could be a work of a serial killer, but that’s just a wild opinion Having said that, I still hope that she is well and alive, wherever she is. The case is still under investigation and the search operation is going on. This story is developing…

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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