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What Can We Expect From Part 2 of Money Heist Season 5?

The fun is about to begin! Are you excited? As you all are aware, the series “Money Heist” has become the most popular series worldwide across all the platforms.

We all know why this series is so popular, Duh Obviously! Because of it’s fantastic cast, intriguing plot, and, most importantly the great professor’s mind. As well as the way he handles every laborious scenarios in such a simplistic manner, just blows our mind! First of all we know you all are so excited to see what happens in the following episodes (me too I’m so eagerly waiting to watch it).

So, we’re going to piece together all of the parts from the previous episodes and and get to know what might happen next in Season 5 Part 2 of Money Heist. Looking forward to it?

If yes, then read the article further more to get to know. Well, personally I have binge-watched all the previous seasons of the show twice! You can let us know about your predictions in the comment section below. It’s good to share thoughts.

What If It’s All Part Of The Professor’s Plot To Get Apprehended By The Cops?

Let’s start with the main thing that everyone is excited about. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Part 2 of Season 5, then watch it right now!

In any case, the trailer showed us the characters’ forlorn expressions as well as the professor entering the bank. Where we all were pretty shocked! We witnessed in Season 5 Part 1 that Tokyo gave her life to save her friends, and that everyone can’t take Tokyo’s death, indicating that they have no hope.

It also showed us how the army finally bursts in and rescues the hostages, while others such as Rio, Denver, Stockholm, and Lisbon are captured. So, what if it’s Professor’s master plan, which he devised a long time ago, to make the cops believe they have no hope left? I know they’re all caught, but don’t underestimate the power of the Professor.

Personally, my heart is hoping a great ending. We really dont want out best team to lose. Professors already informed his teammates to dig a route out, but they have no idea that the professor is going to die for them? Or maybe he won’t. Well, we will get to see this in the upcoming part.

What If Professor Doesn’t Has Any Strategy But Berlin’s Son Rafael de Fonollosa Does Has?

Another prediction we have is definitely this. If the professor is actually caught by the cops then probably Berlin’s Son is going to be the gateway out. As we saw in prior episodes, they told us about Berlin’s story, including how he had a son and so on. What do you believe the rationale for them showing us was?

Obviously, there would be a connection, maybe Rafael will be the one to help them to make the heist succesful? And obviously Professor is Rafael’s uncle, he would go out of his way to assist him. And about Rafael’s degree is that he has an Electronics Engineers degree from MIT in Massachusetts, as well as a post-graduate certificate in cybersecurity, so he can hack the security system or something.

However, one question remains: Does Professor know that he has a nephew? If he knows, and if they’re close, it would be fantastic. However, there is this one issue that Rafael just knows one thing: He does not want to be a criminal like his father.

Maybe Rafael will help them out from outside. Remember, Berlin wanted to assist this mission but he died on the first one.

Maybe he prepared his son for this one. Ahh so many questions! We really want to know Rafael’s role in the upcoming part. Because, obviously it must mean something. He was showed multiple times.

Is Arturo Going To Be Saved?

Do you believe he can be saved? (I sincerely hope not! oops!) Arturo was shot by Stockholm and lost his pulse, but he was resurrected and taken to the hospital, as we witnessed in earlier episodes.

Do you believe he’ll be alright? Yes, I suppose, because he was always saved, and as we all know, villains don’t die easily. But we will see about that in the upcoming part.

Also, we sincerely hope that Helsinki will be okay. He can’t move and definitely can’t walk after the incident. So how is he going to escape the bank? The team definitely need to have a hell of a plan for this.

There are so many questions we’ve raised thus far. But what if everything we’ve assumed so far turns out to be false, and instead something unexpected occurs?

Because it’s Money Heist! Don’t be concerned! We will definitely miss Tokyo! Let’s wait until December 3rd to know what happens. Also, finish all of your important tasks before so you can peacefully binge watch.

As stated before, you can mention your assumptions, questions and concerns in the comment section below! Let’s communicate. We would be happy to respond to you!

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