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Virgin River Season 4 Soundtrack: List of All Songs

Let’s explore the season four soundtrack of Virgin River. A show that tells a classic love story in a non-classic way.

The article might contain spoilers for readers. The show Virgin River is about Mel, a nurse practitioner from L.A. who moves to a small town. To start a new life and discovers the job and the house she was promised are not what she signed up for.

Well, the quacky mayor of the town, Hope, who makes everyone’s life her business, played by Annette O’Toole [starred as Lana Lang, Superman 3], is married to the old fashion doctor, played by Tim Matheson [starred as Otter in Animal House] who doesn’t think “Mrs. Hollywood” has the capabilities to help run his one-man practice which happens to be the only one in town.

The show Virgin River has a hallmark vibe to it, but it’s not nearly as cheesy as a hallmark show. Having said that, the acting is generally fairly good, the conversation has admirable amounts of English vocabulary and good idiomatic idioms.

Additionally, it offers the entertainment one needs after a long day of work, leaving murders, flashbacks to the war, and the occasional act of violence aside.

When we discuss season 4, the two main characters have gone through a lot. From Jack’s yelling to Mel’s unexpected pregnancy announcement, during the course of the show’s previous three seasons.

Virgin River Season 4 Soundtrack Guide

The fact that Virgin River season four ends with them engaged, expecting a child, and out of any immediate danger is thus in and of itself a miracle. The season also addressed a variety of issues, including a large soundtrack that will be discussed in this article.

Virgin River’s fourth season’s musical selections were played just when the moment it was necessary for us to cry. Do you look forward to exploring some romantic, emotional, and possibly other genres’ soundtracks? Here’s the list.

Episode 1 Soundtrack – Be My Baby

Wound By Leah Noble

You’ll feel happy and melancholy at the same time while listening to this music. A serene tune with profound meanings for us to comprehend.

Salt And The Sea By The Lumineers

We love the parallels between this video and Part 3 (Gloria). Both junior and Gloria are shown kicking the door in and rushing to the car and carrying their loved ones to save them from a head injury. A beautiful and creative way to end the amazing story of the Sparks family tree.

Episode 2 Soundtrack – Father Knows Best…?

Positano By Trent Dabbs

I’m Not Ready To Day Goodbye By Margot Todd

We are sure that the song’s lyrics would crush your heart and cause you to sob like a child after reading the song’s heartfelt name.

Episode 3 Soundtrack – Grilled

Moving On By Aquilo

Those ‘oohs’ over the guitar riff are absolutely beautiful. This song will make you get up and dance.

You? By Two Feet

Two Feet makes songs like beautiful pearls, which when combined make a majestic necklace.

Episode 4 Soundtrack – Serious As A…

Something Good By Amy Stroup & Michael Logen

I Let You Win By Casey Dubie

Wherever You Go By GAITS

Episode 5 Soundtrack – Mayday

Hurricane By Fleurie

Love the way her music starts softly builds in the middle and finishes aggressively. And also, the ending where everything kicks in is absolutely magical.

It perfectly captures the exasperation of someone desperate for things to change but resigned to the belief it never will. They are stuck in the hurricane and it’s destroying them, but they just can’t let go.

Episode 6 Soundtrack – All’s Faire…

The Kitchen Of The King By Julien Veg

Tourdion By Roberto Anselmi

Village Banquet By Julien Vega

Trotto By Cliff Haywood

Forever With You By Ryan Lau


This sounds like a dream that you don’t want to wake up from. This has such hauntingly beautiful vibes, and a sure sense of sadness thanks to the number of minor chords. But you keep the middle, soft, transitionary, chords to achieve that superior sense of beauty and desolation. And the piano really finishes it off perfectly.

Episode 8 Soundtrack – Talk to Me

Pachelbel’s Canon By Johann Pachelbel [guitar cover]

We truly love how he perfectly hits every single note with delicacy. The timing the guitarist gets is pure perfection and we can really sense that he enjoys with passion what he is doing.


Bridal Chorus By Richard Wagner [guitar cover]

This is a simple yet sweet guitar cover and perfects to play at anyone’s wedding.

Home To You By Tom Rhodes

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You By Emilie Mover

Fans of Lucifer have probably heard this song before and are going to enjoy it after hearing it in Virgin River.

Episode 9 Soundtrack – Bombshells

Battle By Hunny bunny

Compare To You By Lauren Jones

Episode 10 Soundtrack- Fire and Rain

Give It Hell By Yumi Zouma

So this is the song that has no bad songs. Yumi Zouma never fails to disappoint her audience.

Rings Around My Father’s Eyes By The War on Drugs

Starting in 2014, there have been nothing but masterpieces from The War On Drugs. We bet you cannot stop playing this song, especially right now.

Love You Like I Do By Vancouver Sleep Clinic

This song gives a sense of stability and calmness while giving the feel of the pertaining topic. And for someone who is in a dark or deep session of their life can listen to this song to reconnect with life and emotion.

Episode 11 Soundtrack – Once Again

Fade Into You By Mazzy Star

This song is relatable to someone in some way. Some people listen to this song and it has the power to bring out the good things inside on many levels. This song also has the power to bring out bad things remembered to people that are going through tough times.

The only thing that matters is people’s own perception of this song. That’s what makes this song a beautiful powerful song that has the ability to bring out emotions deep inside, is the definition of a great song.

Have A Little Faith In Me By John Hiatt

This song literally has the power to define a rough time in someone’s life.

Episode 12 Soundtrack – The Long Goodbye

Ho Hey By The Lumineers [Cover]

We are pretty sure everyone knows this song. Even if they don’t know, it’s deep within everyone, like a primal instinct.

Sweet Home By SYML

SYML’s music is like a warm blanket around everyone’s soul. It’s not just some music, you listen to on occasion to get rid of the silence or noise around you.

It’s the music you want to listen to every time you wish to feel something human, something true, something authentic.

Through The Dark By Vanbur

Have you chosen any particular songs to add to your playlist from this list? Which one was the most touching? Remember to tell us in the comments section below.

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