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‘Violent Night’ Starring David Harbour as the Unusual Santa is Here with its Trailer

When it comes to Santa Claus, we’re all 5 years old kids who will go crazy even if we’re young adults aware of all the facts. Santa has his magic touch on all of us.

Santa has become a beloved icon in our culture, from his iconic red-and-white outfit to his jolly disposition. Over time, Santa Claus became an object of obsession for fans. He is a symbol of Christmas and goodwill, and the fans have followed him for years.

But have you ever wondered what happens if Santa Claus, known to have a positive character with intentions of nothing but to spread joy, turns into a bad guy for those who think they’re the real bad ones? 

Yes, there is always one twisted Christmas movie every year that makes our heart pace with excitement. And this year, it going to be David Harbour’s ‘Violent Night’.

We’ve seen him kicking some bad guys before in Stranger Things and we will see him kicking some more bad guys in the upcoming action adventure film.

The highly anticipated film is here with its trailer. Take a look!

Violent Night Starring David Harbour as the Unusual Santa

The movie is the work of a guy who is famously known to produce some excellent work including Witch Hunters and Dead Snow, Tommy Wirkola.

In the first trailer for “Violent Night,” a holiday thriller starring David Harbour as Santa Claus, the “Stranger Things” actor showcases his tough-guy side. 

CinemaCon critics noted a resemblance between David Harbour’s new movie and the classic Christmas film Die Hard.

The upcoming action-comedy features John Leguizamo as Santa Claus’ nemesis, who has taken over an apartment building with hostages trapped inside!

Featuring violence more akin to Lethal Weapon than Miracle on 34th Street, this is sure to be one of Fox Searchlight’s most high profile movies for next year.

When Is The Film Releasing?

The kickass Santa movie featuring our Jim Hopper as the badass Santa Claus is slated for a big release on December 2nd.

An exclusive screening of “Violent Night” will be shown to an audience in New York on Oct. 7, almost two months before the film’s premiere date in December.

Harbour first teased his involvement with the project at CinemaCon in April during a panel discussion about upcoming releases from Lionsgate and other studios—and fans were thrilled by his unexpected appearance there!

Trailer Featuring Everything But A Normal Christmas Eve

The trailer starts with Santa chugging his kind of magic portion in a rugged bar that is filled with a few more Santa Claus sharing their time and experience of the hustle around Christmas.

That’s where we get to know that Our badass Santa has been in the business for too long.  In the trailer for “Violent Night,” David Harbour is anything but jolly.

On Christmas Eve, this version of Saint Nick encounters a family being held hostage by a team of mercenaries and must take matters into his own hands—grizzlier he may be than usual, but still very much in character.

The film also stars Cam Gigandet, Beverly D’Angelo and John Leguizamo.

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