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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Time And What To Expect

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 episode 8 will release on Sunday, 26th February 2023, at 2:08 AM JST. The new episode will show the fight continuing between Takemitchi and Taiju. Fans will see Hakkai’s role in the whole fight as Mitsuya is badly injured, and so is Yuzuha.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date And Time

Tokyo revengers Season 2 Episode 8 will release on Sunday, 26th February 2023, at 2:08 AM JST. Most international fans can watch the episode on Saturday, 25th February 2023. The timings will vary across the globe

The followings are the release date and times:

Pacific Standard Time – 9:08 AM, Saturday, 25th February 2023.

Eastern Standard Time – 12:08 PM, Saturday, 25th February 2023.

British Standard Time – 5:08 PM, Saturday, 25th February 2023.

Indian Standard Time – 10:38 PM, Saturday, 25th February 2023.

Japanese Standard Time – 2:08 AM, Sunday, 26th February 2023.

Australian Standard Time – 3:38 AM, Sunday, 26th February 2023.

Where To Watch Episode 8

The show is available to stream on Disney Plus for most international viewers. Hulu will exclusively broadcast the series in the United States of America.

What Happened in Episode 7: Recap

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 episode 7 was titled “Sibling Rivalry.” The episode opened with Taiju making his intention clear about killing Yuzuha. He claims that Yuzuha has betrayed him after all the things he had done for his family. Yuzuha makes another attempt to kill Taiju, but he knocks her down with his brute force.

As Yuzuha is about to pass out, Mitsuya appears. Furthermore, It was Mitsuya who saved Chifuyu. Chifuyu had called Mitsuya because he didn’t trust Kisaki Tetta. Mitsuya asks Takemitchi to take care of Yuzuha while he fights Taiju Shiba. Meanwhile, Hakkai is stunned and too scared to move. Taiju reminds Mitsuya about their pact. However, Mitsuya claims that people who hurt their sisters are scum, and he has no respect for people like him.

Mitsuya and Taiju are engaged in a fistfight. Taiju lands an equal number of punches as Mitsuya. Mitsuya is badly hurt but refuses to back down from a fight. At the same time, Mickey and Draken are returning home, and Mickey feels a chill and is reminded of Mitsuya. However, Inui attacks Mitsuya from behind with an iron rod which knocks him down. Although Chifuyu and Takemitchi are already hurt, they fight against Kokonoi and Inui. Mitsuya gathers all his strength and is back on his feet. He tells Hakkai to join him in defeating Taiju while others are taken care of by Takemitchi and Chifuya.

Hakkai is too scared to move, and Taiju again knocks Mitsuya. Furthermore, Hakkai tries to attack Taiju with a knife, but Takemitchi stops him. Ultimately, Takemitchi declares he will beat Taiju and take over the Black Dragon.

What To Expect From Episode 8

The new episode will likely show Taiju and Takemitchi engaged in a fight. Takemitchi is already badly hurt, so he will probably lose the fight. Hakkai is already in shock because of the previous events.

The two most important people in his life are knocked down and hurt by Taiju. Furthermore, we will see how Taiju reacts to Takemitchi’s declaration. Mickey and Draken might enter the scene as they feel something about Mitsuya.




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