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The Son Trailer Shows Another Heartfelt Family Drama Starring Hugh Jackman

The family drama is a staple of many films, but what makes it so popular? The answer is simple: it’s the relationship between parents and children. In this genre, we see characters struggle with their relationships with their parents, siblings, or other family members. 

This genre brings out the emotions that everyone experiences at one point in their lives: being a parent, sibling or parent-child relationship that we have had ourselves. The movie industry has used this concept for decades now to create some of the most beloved films ever made!

One of the popular examples includes Florian Zeller’s The Father where we saw a budding relationship between a father and a daughter set a such crisp example.

The film was a huge success and got Zeller,  Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay together with Christopher Hampton.

Taking the franchise forward, Florian Zeller is bringing the highly anticipated The Son starring Hugh Jackman in a pivotal role. For The Son, Zeller adapted one of his own acclaimed plays for the screen with Hampton. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Son Trailer Shows Another Heartfelt Family Drama Starring Hugh Jackman 

After the huge success and critical acclamation, The Father, the director Florian Zeller is back again with another heartfelt drama, The Son.

The trailer for “The Son” has been released and it promises to be a heart wrenching family drama. The trailer was tweeted by Jackman himself, who seems very excited to share it with the public.

The trailer introduces the acting skills of the actor as his character must adjust to his estranged son staying with him after being dropped off by his mother. The trailer also emphasizes that he should be there for him no matter what happens. 

The trailer shows the story of Peter who has a job and a new baby, but life gets more complicated when his ex-wife Kate arrives with their teenage son Nicholas.

His son’s presence starts an issue between him and his partner, Peter struggles to find a way to keep everything together as work, family, and commitments all become overwhelming for him.

Prepare for another dramatic, emotionally devastating story from The Son, as the trailer shows strong performances from talented actors.

There are also previews of Hans Zimmer’s epic score which will surely add to the drama in this heart-wrenching movie. 


As we saw Hugh Jackman in the pivotal role playing Peter, he will be joined by Laura Dern playing his ex wife in the film. Playing the estranged son, Zen McGrath as Nicholas and Vanessa Kirby as Peter’s existing partner.

Along with the main cast, the film also features Hugh Quarshie and Anthony Hopkins. 

The film is directed by Florian Zeller and produced by Joanna Laurie, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Florian Zeller and Christophe Spadone.

The film is ready to kickstart your early winters as the film is arriving on November 11th. It will be interesting to see if the movie is able to take the place of the critical and commercial success of The Father.

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