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The Sitcom ‘Pretty Smart’ Season 2 is Canceled By Netflix

Another canceled sitcom. 

The most annoying part of watching a show is when it is terminated. The same scenario and feelings apply to ‘Pretty Smart’ spectators. Everyone is curious about its renewal status, however, the news we have today may upset the audience.

The plot of the show is intriguing and eye-catching. Book-smart After relocating in with her bouncy sister and three roommates, Chelsea realizes she has a great deal to learn about happiness.

Emily Osment, Gregg Sulkin, Olivia Macklin, Cinthya Carmona, and Michael Hsu Rosen feature in the show. Let’s get into the details of its renewal status and what’s going on with the show.

Because it was last released in October 2021, and everyone has been waiting for the renewal since then.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Canceled By Netflix

This year has seen a lot of cancellations from the streaming platform, and it appears that Pretty Smart was not spared.

Pretty Smart was canceled after one season in April 2022. If you’ve been hoping for another season, you’ll be disheartened. Along with the terrible news of the cancellation, the show was actually left on a cliffhanger.

And viewers will never discover the rest of the story. The timing was right for a second season, but it now appears that we will not receive one. You will be surprised to know that the show actually reached Netflix’s top ten list. Still, it got canceled.

This show’s ratings are not widely disclosed, and most shows are discontinued due to low viewing and other factors.

However, the cause for the cancellation of ‘Pretty Smart’ remains unknown. We really believed we’d get one more long-running sitcom, didn’t we? But Netflix had other plans.

The First Season Of Pretty Smart Ended On A Cliffhanger

The second season would’ve shown the love triangle between Chelsea, Grant, and Claire. Something that we all wanted to see.

The show concludes with Solana accepting her background as a lawyer and Jayden reconciling with his estranged mother.

Season one of the sitcom brilliantly concludes exactly after Chelsea reveals to Claire she wants to talk to her, without mentioning the man her sister recently kissed. Okay, that’s actually curious.

The creators and the stars of the show didn’t mention anything about the cancellation at the moment.

Emily Osment Promoted To Series Regular For Season 6 In Young Sheldon

The cancellation came just a few days after it was revealed that Osment had been upgraded to series regular on CBS’ Young Sheldon.

Mandy McAllister, played Osment, is a stunning, strong-willed woman in her late twenties who is dealing with the revelation that she is pregnant with Georgie’s child. She’s also grappling with the reality that Georgie misled her about his age.

Now that Pretty Smart has been canceled, you can watch ‘Young Sheldon.’ However, we understand that a favorite show is always a favorite show.

What are your thoughts on Pretty Smart’s cancellation? And we’re you expecting another season? Let’s do one thing: write a comment with your thoughts on how you wanted the show to end. And we all will share our opinions.

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