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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and More

Another anime from the 2019 isekai generation and another light novel from the 2013 isekai generation is getting back at it as Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 has been announced for 6th April 2022.

Isekai in Anime

It is a testament to the isekai genre to survive and struggle among the many heaps of trash anime that comes every season now. Isekai has now reserved a 30-40% integration into each and every anime season, but we still have some of the greatest isekai rolling out along with all the other trash.

What started with the likes of Konosuba, No Game No Life, Reincarnated as a Slime and other masterpieces, The Rising of the Shield Hero was first released in 2019, and it gained instant prominence among the anime otaku crowd.

The Story of The Rising of The Shield Hero

The story follows Naufomi Iwatani, who is transported to this world along with three other humans in order to serve the royalty in this world. Each one of the heroes is assigned to the strongest of powers and Naofumi is tasked to serve the kingdom’s princess.

The princess is a conniving and tactical manipulator who accuses Naofumi of assault and thus gaining everything that she wanted but reducing Naofumi’s status to nothing.

Our hero’s journey begins here at the base of it all, where he has to climb up the ranks of people’s faith in him and gain respect through the countless ways of heroism and tactics.

As for the ending of the first season which wrapped up in 25 episodes, detailing the journey of his climb and his eventual recognition from the kingdom and the king as well as the kingdom’s princess.

Now what The Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 trailer depicts is that Mirellia herself asks for a favour, to stop a terrifying force, known as the legendary Spirit Tortoise wreaking havoc in the country of Reiki. The Spirit is said to come once every hundred years to destroy the lands.

For this task, all the four heroes are called to action, as we can see them sitting in a conference room discussing the details of the plan to bring down the terror.

The most intriguing thing in the trailer comes at the end when it is revealed that the Shield Hero, Naofumi may get a fierce and awesome new power which he erupts with red and black outpour, shouting middle and centre of the frame, Dark Curse Burning.

The Rising of the Shield Hero will be back for its second season from 6th April 2022 as well as the third season has already been announced to make a comeback sometime after the second has ended its run this year.

Fans’ Reaction

The reactions of fans to the news have been wild as hell, they are not waiting even for a moment when it comes to another season of their favorite isekai coming back from 2019.

Some on Twitter commented: ‘been waiting for this a long time

While another chimed in

The hype is real but can The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 hit all the marks that we are hoping for? Only time will tell.

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