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Rahul Kohli is the bearded British cutie running around with zombies on The CW’s sleeper hit show iZombie.” As the dorky, charming medical examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, he has girls swooning with his accent and endearing smile. His effortless acting, whether its humor or emotional scenes, shows off real talent.

Kohli is a British actor trained in stage performance. He’s worked on numerous short films, a Netflix film, and has had small roles in many of Britain’s most popular shows. But let’s start from the beginning to track his rising career, shall we?


November 13, 1985, Kohli was born in London. Though his parents are of Indian descent, Kohli’s mom was born and raised in Thailand and his father is from Kenya.


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Kohli was bitten by the acting bug early as he took on school plays with zeal. As a teenager, he continued to pursue his passion by studying drama.


At 17, Kohli attended Uxbridge College to pursue media studies. He later attended a drama school where he obtained training in stage performances. He went on to perform in several stage productions while in school such as “Henry V” at the Royal National Theater.


Kohli took on a role in the British short film “The Vacancy,” which revolved around four candidates applying for the same job. Kohli plays Tom, a cocky young adult applying for the job.


After the theater, Kohli acquired an agent and began a career in British television, appearing in an episode or two of many popular shows. In 2008, Kohli starred in an episode of “My Holiday Hostage Hell,” a documentary-style TV series.


Kohli was seen in the short film “Alone Together” as Ahmad. “Alone Together” is a drama about two men who try to find themselves in a world they don’t feel connected to.


Kohli was seen on an episode of “Holby City” as Cal Nelson on the show. The soap revolves around the lives of the doctors, nurses and employees of the Holby City General Hospital.


He bagged a short-lived role on the hit British soap “Eastenders.” The popular show has been around for years and even a small role on the show is a pretty cool achievement.


Kohli was a supporting character in the short film “I’ll Be Home Soon,” he played the role of Waseem. The short was about a man held captive by his own family and it was unclear who he was really running from.


Kohli is an avid gamer and has been on gaming shows. The actor is a recurring guest on the Rooster Teeth web series, “Funhaus” as well as “Achievement Hunter.”

Kohli also acted in a short film titled “Antidepressant” as Jai Paul in 2015.

He then bagged his biggest role to date by joining the “iZombie” cast. Kohli plays one of the leading characters on the show, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. The show focuses on Liv Moore (Rose McIver), a medical examiner who is actually also a zombie. Dr. Ravi is her boss and her best friend who helps her navigate these murky circumstances.


Kohli plays Dev in the British comedy “Gangsters Gamblers and Geezers.” He also played Male Tex in the animated web series, “Red vs. Blue.”


Kohli was in one episode of the show “Supergirl” as Lena Luthor’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Spheer.


Kohli’s role as Dr. Chakrabarti will come to an end soon as season five of the show will be its final season. The production has begun on it and will premiere in 2019.

Along with his television career, Kohli has taken on a few films this year. He played a supporting role in the Netflix film “Happy Anniversary,” a film about a couple who can’t decide if they want to stay together after their third anniversary. It starred “Master of None” actress Noel Wells and actor Ben Schwartz.

Kohli is currently working on a made for television film titled “A Wild Endeavor” and he recently announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Yasmin Malloy.

Things are on the rise for this star. We’re confident we’ll be seeing him on our screens soon after “iZombie” comes to an end next year.


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