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The Midnight Club Release Date and First Look is Here

Gearing up for the spooky season and looking for spine-chilling horror shows suggestions? You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Now, if you could recall your favourite horror films and shows, I am pretty sure Mike Flanagan, the acclaimed horror filmmaker has something to do with it.

If you loved the Haunting of the Hill House franchisee, Oculus, Before I Wake, you’ll love this one as Mike Flanagan is creating another horror masterpiece in collaboration with the streaming giant that made us fall in love with the horror genre, Netflix. 

Yes, Netflix is bringing their own Halloween party this season with some of the most anticipated series and films. The newest addition to the party is “The Midnight Club” by Mike Flanagan. Check out this article to know everything about the series so far. 

Netflix Released The Premiere Date For The Midnight Club

Now, some of you might get intrigued with the title and try to figure out where you’ve heard this before. Well, the upcoming horror series is an adaption of a famous novel by Christopher Pike by the same name.

The thriller series is going to hit the streaming platform this spooky season on October 7th. The series will consist of a total of 10 episodes dropped on the premiere date for all horror lovers to binge-watch the series in one go. 

The Mystery Thriller Teases The First Look For Fans

Netflix is going ahead in their ways to make this Halloween season spookier and giving us advance treats to brace ourselves for the upcoming mystery thriller, The Midnight Club.

The new images from Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club show the stellar cast glorifying their best selves. One image features the entire club gang staring into the camera while images take on a short journey from the series ahead of us. 

One particular image that will catch your attention is of a boy seeming to have a difficult time. He is holding a phone which seems to be some old school phone. His eyes are tearing up and you can see some characters in the background screaming at him. 

What Is The Series About?

If you’re a Nickelodeon fan then you must remember the 90’s famous show, “Are you afraid of the dark” where the show got some cool kids from the block and they called themselves “The Midnight Society”.

However, The Midnight Club resembles only the extent of a friend’s gang with a similar name with extremely dark premises. 

The story revolved around a group of teenagers with a terminal illness. They all live together in a shared care home where they’re being treated by their doctor.

Every night, the teens meet up to tell scary stories taking turns. The group make a promise to one another that whoever succumbs to the illness first will try and reach out from the grave.

Things get spookier when one of them passes away and their scariest dreams come alive.

By looking at the latest images from the series, it is sure to say that Mike Flanagan is up to something spooky that will once again leave a mark in our memories. 

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