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The Gifted Season 3: Why was it Not Renewed?

The Gifted is a Fox superhero television series set in an alternate universe where the X-Men have vanished, based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men franchises. The show has a total of 2 seasons. The show aired for the first time on October 2, 2017, and concluded on February 26, 2019. Critics gave it mainly positive reviews, and it had “solid” viewership.

The show ‘The Gifted’ revolved around two ordinary parents who take their family on the run from the authorities when they identify that their kids have mutant strengths, and enter an underground society of mutants who have to battle to stay alive.

The Gifted – Renewed Or Cancelled?

After two seasons, Fox decided to discontinue the show on April 17, 2019. The Gifted, Fox’s sophomore dramedy, will not be renewed for a third season. In its second season, which concluded in February, the series was a mediocre performer in Fox’s regular rankings. As previously stated, the series earned positive reviews from critics, with the second season ranking even higher on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, The Gifted’s second season averaged a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating in Live+7, down from 2.0 in Season 1 and 3.3 million viewers via Deadline. Because Fox no longer owns the show. Linear ratings now play a significant part in the broadcast network’s decision to renew it. Most X-Men fans have concluded that all of this has something to do with Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

Those admirers are accurate, though in a much more indirect manner than they believe. It’s vital to note that Disney’s acquisition excludes Fox Broadcasting. Because the company already owns a broadcasting network and would be prohibited from purchasing another.

Matt Nix, the showrunner, admitted in a February interview with SlashFilm, “My sense is that the most likely thing is that if we come back, we’ll come back in some sort of creative way. Some partnership, because I think what we’ve discovered is that fans of The Gifted are big fans of The Gifted. We have a solid fan base and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming so there may be, my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm… I don’t anticipate a 22 episode season on broadcast but I’d love to be wrong.”

The Gifted Ending

Spoiler Alert!

Several members of the underground depart to attend the Inner Circle at the end of the first season. And the second season shows conflicts between both factions, as well as others with their own radical beliefs. The show had been doing well in terms of online viewing. But it has now been formally terminated, and there is no word on whether or not it will be renewed. If you’ve seen the show, you’re probably aware of how it ended.

The climax begins with the Strucker family’s reactions to the infamous 7/15 occurrences. Reed Strucker gave his life to stop Reeva Payge from destroying the United States government and realizing her dream of creating a mutant country.

Matt Nix, the showrunner, claimed that he didn’t think it was fair to end the season without explanations. But that he needed to leave some suspense for a possible third season. “I didn’t want to do that,” he said, “but at the same time, cards on the table, I would love to come back. We’ve got more story to tell. So it ends on a cliffhanger, but I think we also deliver a lot of satisfying conclusion to the audience as well.” Now, we’re left on a cliffhanger because the show has been cancelled and we won’t witness what will happen further.

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  1. Yeah seriously it should have at least seven seasons we still have to have Polaris have some kind of contact with her father and the two twins reversed empires and build things instead of ripping things apart like why would anybody discontinue thisWhen everyone knows people don’t watch things until after they have at least five seasons that way they don’t have to wait a year watch the next season. Just saying things get popular overtime

  2. Good show frfr . As stated before Many good shows end like this one an as always disapointment bc there is never a ending. Me an my 8 year old grand daughter watched it together an we really enjoyed it . There has to be a 3rd season .

  3. This show has to have a 3rd season it makes me mad that there isn’t gonna be more seasons it’s so good . Left me in suspense.

  4. I’m so mad their not coming with a 3rd season I’m so hooked on this show. I lie this show. Now it’s over and nothing to look forward to

  5. You can not leave it like this the story needs to continue maybe with them meeting the older x men that have the same or similar powers as there’s and maybe the older one can mentor the younger generation please do not leave it like this please

  6. I haven’t binge watching this I love it I want to see more !!!!.
    everybody loves the mutants ❤️.
    this movie gifted it’s way better than the X-Men movies.
    I wish I had millions of dollars I would totally hand it over just to see this play out.

  7. Fans should start a petition to try and get this show back up it’s absolutely ridiculous that they just cut it off after giving us an awesome cliffhanger!! We need more of this show!! I mean I’ve gone back and watched this show probably like a hundred times literally!!

  8. I’ve watched this show so many times and was waiting for there to be a 3rd season. When I found out there wasn’t going to be a 3rd season I wanted to punch my TV. I have my mom stuck on it and now she can’t wait either. We need to see what happens next. We need season 3 to come out.

  9. Why would you leave me in suspense after 2 great seasons? Good vs. Evil is so paramount at this time in our lives, we need to have a reason to “believe’. All viewers have invested time into this series…don’t let us down.

  10. We need a season 3! Im so tired of many good shows ending, exp ending on a huge cliffhanger! Sometimes it takes time for more people to start watching lke myself! I just started watching thos a week ago and the shoe came out in 2017 lol i just binged watched bpth seasons to be left on a dang clif hanger! Season 3 would be amazing!

  11. Aww come on!!! Fox is stupid to let this go!!! It has a great storyline. The love, laughter and tears. Where is the third season!!? Give us a third. You guys left us with a cliff hanger.

  12. Why is it that interesting movie like the gifted would just end like that??
    We have to protest about the this.
    #Bringseason3out# please 🙏🙏🙏

  13. The Gifted is a really good show me and my kids loved watching it. People always cancels the really good show and keep replaying or coming out with new seasons of shows that don’t have good ratings. Please bring the show back miss watching it. There aren’t very many good TV shows out there to watch. I want the show back with all the same actors and actress.

  14. This needs to come back me in my wife binge watch this for 3 days we are so furious it ended the way it did it needs to continue it was so good

  15. Seriously I love this series but please you have to come back with a third season a fourth season maybe more I agree I think you all should include the original X-Men but thank you so much for this great show I watched it 2 days straight


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